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Belleek Classic Shamrock Trellis 5x7 Frame

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  • The intricate hand-painted asymmetrical clover detail is symbolic, giving the frame a connection to the profoundly religious Irish populace
  • The designer of the frame uniquely embossed the classic trellis design into the product, the very identity of the beautiful frame
  • The gorgeous trellis frame has space for the standard photograph, measuring 5 inches by 7 inches
  • The marvelous trellis frame measures approximately 7.75 inches by 9.75 inches in total dimensions.
  • The trellis frame is a product of the globally acclaimed and famous Belleek Pottery.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

We all have those special moments, either individually or with friends and family, whether on an adventure or particularly special occasions every other day. Capturing such sweet moments is essential, allowing us to re-live and review those memories that we treasure and adore. Photographs offer a reprieve to those that wish to capture those special moments, giving us the opportunity to keep alive our treasured memories. Once captured, you can comfortably and proudly display your captured adorable moments in the form of pictures in your home for all and sundry to view. One of the essential tools to help you majestically display your photos is a unique and outstanding picture frame. Our glamorous and gorgeous Belleek Classic Shamrock Trellis 5X7 Frame is the perfect choice to post your photos.
The shamrock trellis frame provides you the perfect way to display your memories, whether you are framing a photo of your own or giving it out as a gift to a friend or loved ones.
Our lovely trellis frame is an incredibly gorgeous piece of art, a combination of amazing features resulting in an excellent product that stands out. Every little detail, carefully thought of and executed, gives the frame its unique, intrinsic, and exquisite features.
The shamrock detailing in the frame is intricately hand-painted, passing through the hands of the highly skilled, experienced, and professional Belleek artisans. The trellis pattern which gives this excellent piece its identity is embossed, creating a vivid texture around the flat surface of the photograph.
The trellis frame has smooth edges, a touch of curved elegance against a square photograph. The smooth edges add class and style to the beautiful frame.
The trellis detailing resembles traditional Irish wooden trellises used for ages in Ireland. The detailing gives the frame a fantastic connection to the Irish roots, a great history of rich traditions and culture.
The hand-painted clovers, one of the most iconic, easily identifiable, and most-loved symbols, are beautifully added by the master artists. One of Ireland's most recognizable national symbols, shamrocks represent good luck and Ireland's naturally occurring unique green splendor. The shamrock was used religiously by one of the country's Christian pioneer's, St. Patrick, who used it symbolically in resemblance to the Holy Trinity. The three leaves connected to one stem was a perfect representation of holy trinity, a reason why the symbol is famous and a favorite to many people across the highly religious Irish nation.
The elegant piece of art is a part of the magnificent collection from Belleek Pottery. The company, regarded as the oldest fine china and porcelain company in Ireland, is one of the most remarkable, reputable trend-setters in the Pottery industry.
Located in County Fermanagh, Belleek was founded in 1846. Since the company began producing exquisite Parian porcelain in 1863, it became a favorite of British and Irish nobility, including Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Product Features We Adore

Smooth Edges

A touch of curved elegance against a square photograph

Trellis Detailing

Resembling traditional Irish wooden trellises used for ages

Hand-Painted Clovers

Ireland's national symbol beautifully added by master artists

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