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Irish Wedding Plaque Finished With Bronze

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  • The masterpiece stands out as the unique Irish blessing plaque with a clear inspirational and encouraging message displayed 
  • The piece is a product of the prestigious Royal Tara, one of the prominent excellent china production firms in Ireland
  • The plaque is bronze-plated, giving it stability, strength and durability, with the piece able to exist for a very long time
  • The piece has the standard dimensions of a plaque, measuring 15.5cm in length and 15 cm in width
  • The design and the style used in the plaque embraces the rich Irish traditional and cultural history


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Plaques are the perfect way to display touching, inspiring messages, blessing or prayers. The uniqueness of plaques makes them a suitable addition to a home or office décor. Some of the plaques present unique, exemplary and magnificent artistic impressions that are outstanding, and lovers of art can identify with this feature. Plaques find their place in many Irish people's hearts and have been part of their home decorations for generations. The precious pieces serve a lot of purposes but are mainly used to pass a goodwill message. The items are also one of the most popular and significant gifts exchanged in various festivities or occasion. Make your well-wishes for an Irish newlywed couple extra special with our Irish Wedding Plaque by Royal Tara. The magnificent piece of art is an endowed striking beauty, the ultimate gift that will impress any newlyweds. The plaque is a combination of unique artistic craftsmanship and cultural values, specially crafted as a gift for a wedding occasion. The masterpiece is a result of some of the most skilled, professional and experienced craftsmen in the industry. Our marvelous and stunning plaque beams in rich bronze plating that creates the perfect ultimate backdrop of a famous Irish wedding blessing presented in a beautiful script framed by exquisite Celtic Knotwork explicitly displayed, reading; “May God be with you and bless you; May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.” The lettering and wording on the masterpiece are simple, stylish and unique, making it easy to read while at the same time standing out. The message displayed on the plaque is inspirational, a prayer for hope and well wishes. The message intends to touch the heart of the newlyweds, and it sure does impress. The beautiful plaque is a product of the prestigious and renown Royal Tara, a leading producer of fine bone china for tables and giftware. The company has been operational for over 50 years, churning out standard, beautiful and outstanding products that currently have a global presence. Located in the charming city of Galway in Ireland, the firm is a leader in the manufacture of excellent bone china artifacts. The products feature beautiful Celtic designs and often endowed with touching Irish blessings. The range of products Royal Tara are suited best as gifts, or a collection of beautiful home décor for art lovers. Royal Tara does not seem to be slowing down on their production line, following their release of the beautiful Irish Wedding Plaque. The plaque embraces the vast Irish history, a mixture of culture and traditions, giving the piece a deep Irish connection. The Irish link makes the plate have a special place in the hearts of many Irish people, making it loved far and wide.

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