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If you’re on the hunt for a perfectly Irish gift to make your friend or family member’s day,’s large catalog of Celtic Gifts Collection is the right place for you! Designed with Ireland’s long legacy of exquisite Celtic artwork in mind, each and every one of these pieces is a treasure in itself.

Celtic Gifts Collection

From everyday homewares to seasonal decorations, the Celtic Collection has it all, and is guaranteed to bring a dash of traditional Irish charm into any household. There’s no better way to celebrate the history and values connected to the beautiful Emerald Isle! In order to fully appreciate the authenticity of the designs featured in the Celtic Collection, it’s important to first have a little information on who the Celts themselves were.

Who were the Celts?

These ancient European people were first observed in official historical records around the seventh or eighth century before Christ. The Romans referred to them as Galli, while the Greeks called them Keltoi. Both of these words translate directly to the English “barbarians,” but in truth, this group was anything but! It’s theorized that the Celts existed in Ireland since about the second century before Christ, and records of the incredible art they created during their time there are visible in countless historical artifacts that have been uncovered by archaeologists over the years.

Celtic Knot Gift Ideas

One of the most important elements of traditional Celtic art is the Celtic knot, a striking and deeply meaningful symbol which has many variations, each representing a different set of values or line of thought. The Celts favored the Trinity knot, a three-pointed example that many today believe to have symbolized the three natural forces of nature: earth, air, and water. When, in later centuries, Celtic art became incorporated into the traditions of early Christian Ireland, the Trinity knot was instead used to explain the joint but distinct power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Other well-known variations on the Celtic knot include the spiral knot (also known as the “triskelion,” which represents eternity) and the endless knot (said to stand for the power of eternal love). Some of the most famous examples of Celtic knots preserved on artifacts from the past can be seen on the pages of the Book of Kells, a world-famous illuminated manuscript from the Middle Ages, which is today housed and available for viewing in the library at Trinity College, Dublin. These enchanting symbols also feature commonly in engravings on Celtic standing crosses, ancient stone constructions from the time of early monks in Ireland, many of which still pepper the Irish landscape today. By bringing the intricate Celtic knot designs featured on our Celtic Collection products into your home, you’re taking an important step in connecting more fully with your Irish heritage. For example, consider adding
Celtic Collection Four Pack Christmas Baubles- these baubles will look gorgeous on your tree during the festive season this year; not only are they attractive and made from the highest quality materials, they positively ooze Irish charm, and are guaranteed to make a fantastic conversation starter at your next holiday party.
Celtic Collection Tea Bag Holder-Shamrock- bring the magic of old world Ireland into your kitchen at any time of the year with this chic tea bag holder.
Celtic Shamrock Mug and Spoon Set- the next time you sit down to you cup of tea with this joyful mug and spoon set, you’ll feel as though the green fields of the Emerald Isle are right outside the door!
An Irish Blessing Tea Towel- this delightful dish towel displays a warm Irish blessing in a lovely, multi-colored Celtic font.
Clover Collection - Blessing Spoon Rest- this spoon rest will make special any dinner or lunch. Made of white ceramic this spoon is elaborately decorated with an eye-catching Celtic Knot motif.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and marvel at the beautiful range of Celtic Gifts Collection that we at are proud to stock and ship to our customers each and every day. No matter your preferences or taste, you’re sure to find something you’ll love in no time!

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    An Irish Blessing Tea Towel
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    Ireland Single Christmas Bauble
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    Blessing Teabag Holder
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