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Shamrock Sweet Dish

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  • The beautiful porcelain is a product of the prestigious and remarkable Belleek beautiful pottery, giving it an exquisite origin
  • The unique basket weave design is intricately detailed to provide the excellent piece a unique and appealing look
  • The hand-painted clover detailing crafted from the most skilled and professionals’ hands is a beauty to watch
  • The scalloped edges and wickerwork motif are beautiful designs finishing in a traditional ceramic pattern 
  • The porcelain measures approximately 5 inches in diameter, large enough to hold a substantial amount of sweets.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Just about everyone loves candies, whether butterscotch, chocolate, or fruit gummies, and the Shamrock Sweet Dish from Belleek is an elegant way to display your favorite treat wherever you like. Home presentation in terms of decoration and arrangement is essential in how our visitors view us. It is crucial to ensure that we add color and touch to our homes, to make them livelier and more outstanding. Artifacts like porcelains and delicate china are the perfect additives when it comes to home decorations. The objects are not only used for the interior home decoration but used for various other purposes. Our gorgeous Shamrock Sweet Dish is an impressive piece of art that exemplifies class, craftsmanship, and pomp.
The excellent piece of add serves as the perfect addition to any home, and mainly improves on the aesthetic look of the interior of the house. You can purchase the beautiful porcelain as an addition to your collective, but it can also act as the perfect present for your loved ones and will serve as an authentic Irish addition to any home.
The design of the porcelain is intricately unique and classy. The gorgeous piece is shaped like a traditional Irish basket with arch motifs around the edges, creating a gently scalloped rim.
The wickerwork embossed pattern is inspired by classic Irish basket weave design that was in use for centuries throughout the country.
Hand-painted shamrocks adorn the base of the beautiful tray, creating a little surprise when the sweets initially put on the dish are all gone. A symbol of good luck and tidings, Ireland’s naturally verdant country, and St. Patrick's conversion of the Celts to Catholicism, the shamrock is one of Ireland's best-loved and most widely known national icons. The use of the shamrock symbol not only gives the porcelain a connection to the vibrant and rich Irish traditions and culture but gives it an identity. The emblem has mostly helped in the popularity of the product throughout Ireland and the larger Europe.
The detailed design and style give the sweet dish porcelain its uniqueness and identity, connected deeply to the vastness of the Irish traditions and culture.
Our amazing masterpiece is a product of the renown, acclaimed and famous Belleek china, regarded as the oldest craft pottery firm in Ireland. The company first came into existence in 1849, and has throughout the years, churned out the most intricate, unique and outstanding products.
Belleek’s products are easily identifiable and have recognized the world over, from their amazing, stand out features and characteristic. The product at one time was identified as a favorite to royalty, receiving recognition from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
The gorgeous Shamrock Sweet Dish is a product of Belleek’s elegant design, a sophisticated taste of class and uniqueness. Every little detail of the masterpiece is a pronunciation of beauty and quality, carefully crafted to leave a long-lasting impression.

Product Features We Adore

Wickerwork Motif

Inspired by traditional Irish basket weave patterns

Hand-Painted Shamrock Detailing

Fine and unique detailing in a classically Irish motif

Scalloped Edges

A beautiful design finish in a traditional ceramic pattern

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