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Men’s Aran Sweaters - from practical garments to a fashion staple

Men’s Aran sweaters have developed over time from a practical and warm garment for fishermen to a fashion staple viewed as a must-have. Initially, Aran sweaters were used by fishermen to slow down harsh working conditions near the cold water, while staying warm during their departures to the sea. It was a tradition for wives of the fishermen that worked in the sea to knit wool sweaters for their husbands. For many generations, this tradition of knitting Aran sweaters was passed within the family from mothers to daughters.

At first, these wool sweaters were commonly known only to the inhabitants of Ireland, after which they began to be appreciated worldwide. Starting with Hollywood stars and well-known public figures in the ’60s, they have come to be widely used. Nowadays Irish wool knit sweaters are considered to be luxury pieces accessible to the wide masses. Due to their properties such as softness, warmth, fit, breathability, and noble, fashionable appearance these have become the spiced up part of everyday outfits, especially during cold times.

Men’s Aran Sweaters knitting patterns

Men’s Aran sweaters use intricate patterns depicting religious and more day-to-day symbols inspired by the Book of Kells that have been passed down for generations. These patterns are commonly called Aran Patterns or Aran Stitches due to their origin- the same Aran Islands where were firstly created the Aran sweaters for fishermen. Indeed, even if today these stitches are appreciated due to their special design, actually they originated to help keep people/ fishermen warm. The usage of many layers of wool woven in different patterns helps to stow ( preserving) the body's natural warmth creating a protective wall against draught from contacting your skin. The best known and used patterns for creating Irish knit sweaters for men are the Cable Stitch, Honeycomb, Diamond, Basket, Trellis, and ZigZag. Each of these stitches has a different meaning starting with wealth, success, treasure, hope, hard work, and ending with moments and symbols of family life. Some people choose their favorite sweater depending on the stitches and the meaning they wear, often given as gifts to show the appreciation they have. Others choose sweaters depending on their design and appearance. No matter the reason and how you choose your wool sweater we guarantee that this unique garment will brighten up your wardrobe and look.

Looking for the ideal Men’s Aran Sweater?

First of all, when you're looking for men’s knit Aran sweaters you have to make sure it's an original sweater, meaning it's made in Ireland. This is important because a high-quality, unique Irish wool sweater is one usually made by hand in according to traditions preserved and sent from generation to generation. Furthermore, to be sure of the quality of the sweater, look for one made of 100% wool. Merino wool is known for its softness, warmth, breathability- features that make Aran sweaters comfortable, luxurious, and easy to match.

Saol Crew Neck Sweater

Aran crewneck is the original Aran design work known worldwide making this sweater a classic piece.

Men's Sweater with Button Collar

this sweater features a modern raised collar design with leather buttons.

Men's Irish Wool Aran Sweater - this sweater features the famous honeycomb and cable Aran patterns making it a beautiful and meaningful garment.

Men's Half-Zip Aran Fisherman Sweater- this 100% Merino Wool sweater is designed with a half-zip collar that can be worn up or down making it a versatile and easy matching piece.

Men's Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit V-Neck Cardigan - this convenient Aran knit cardigan is crafted with large and handy pockets, and five classic buttons run.

If you want to add some Irish heritage and luxurious comfort to your wardrobe check out our range of super-soft Men’s Aran sweaters here.

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