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Belleek Classic Kylemore 7in Vase

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  • The classic basket weave ceramic pattern is one of the most standout design features in the beautiful vase
  • The scalloped rim detail is a designer’s masterstroke, adding both glamor and pomp to the marvelous piece
  • The hand-painted shamrock motif is unique and original, giving the vase a deep connection to the Irish traditions and culture
  • The Kylemore vase is a product of the prestigious Belleek Pottery, reputable fine china, and porcelain firm in Ireland
  • The vase measures approximately 3 inches in width and 7 inches in height


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Flowers add beauty, elegance, and class wherever they are displayed. The fragrance they emanate from their sweet scent to the intricately beautiful patterns and colors is mother natures masterstroke. We all love to show flowers in our workplaces and home, to impress our visitors all liven up our spaces. Flowers are placed in vases, to preserve them and also to add class and beauty to their display in whatever area they are placed. Vases came in different shapes and sizes and made from a different material. Vases should lend in perfectly with the surrounding, adding value and beauty in the open spaces. Our beautiful Belleek Classic Kylemore 7in vase is the ultimate choice for those looking to add splendor and class and proudly display their flowers.
Our Kylemore vase embraces intricate artistic design and is delicately refined to correctly display your flowers, whether in your home or office space. A masterstroke of the finest artisans, this masterpiece can serve as the ultimate surprise gift to your friends or loved ones, or add to your workspace or liven up your home décor.
The Belleek Classic Kylemore vase is an artistic beauty, showcasing some fantastic and outstanding features. The designer of this marvelous piece of art did not leave anything to chance, taking every little detail into the mind and carefully and intricately designing the beautiful vase.
Named for Ireland’s renowned Kylemore Abby in County Galway, the Kylemore vase is a beautiful room accent piece with or without flowers.
The vase is embossed with Belleek's trademark weave design, a pattern that has been part and parcel of the porcelain industry for over a century. The basket weave pattern is one of Belleek's oldest and most famous porcelain designs. Inspired by wickerwork baskets used in Irelands for centuries, the model was first developed in the 1880s and has become been a part of the Belleek's tablecloth collection for decades. The intricate design is ideally suited for both exceptional dining experiences as well as everyday use for whatever occasion.
The design of the vase is endowed with hand-painted shamrocks which beautifully adorn the sides, with a delicate finish that adds elegance and one-of-a-kind detailing unique to each piece.
The vase has an elegantly curved design that is perfect for keeping water and letting the flowers breathe, giving them life and brightening up your space.
The marvelous Kylemore vase is a product of the prestigious Belleek Pottery. Belleek Pottery is one of the most remarkable and reputable fine china and porcelain companies in Ireland, regarded as the oldest of its kind in the country. The reputation of the firm has made it be known the world over and was a favorite to royalty, including Queen Victoria.
The company has retained its top spot in the manufacture of excellent, stand out and stunning products, setting and maintaining standards in the pottery industry for years. The firm does not appear to be scaling down on their production of exquisite products, evident from the beautiful Kylemore vase.

Product Features We Adore


Shamrocks and stems lovingly rendered by master Irish artists

Basket Weave

Inspired by traditional Irish wickerwork baskets

Elegantly Curved Design

Perfect for keeping water in the base and letting the flowers breathe

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