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Belleek Classic Shamrock Handled Basket

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  • These wonderful baskets are entirely handmade and pass through the hands of more than a dozen carefully trained artisans at Belleek Pottery.
  • Belleek Pottery is Ireland’s oldest and most renowned fine china and giftware company and is recognized around the world for its unparalleled quality.
  • Our Classic Shamrock Handled Baskets pay homage to the significant role Irish basketmakers and their craft played throughout the country’s history.
  • Our Classic Shamrock Handled Basket will make a wonderful addition to your Belleek Pottery fine china collection, or is a great piece to start with!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

A clever porcelain takes on a very traditional and classic Irish tool, our Shamrock Handled Basket from Belleek Pottery is a unique piece that looks more like sculpture than pottery. Designed to resemble the historical wickerwork baskets used by Irish farmers and merchants transporting and selling goods at market, our basket design is exquisitely embossed on the exterior, while the smooth interior is perfect for storing anything from candies, coins, flowers, or whatever you want! The hand painted shamrock sprigs adorn the sides of the basket in a smart reference to Ireland’s most acclaimed and recognizable national symbol. The item is approximately 6.5” long, 4.75” wide, and stands at 6.25” tall. The basket-weave surface curves upward into a delicately scalloped rim and contains a few subtle shamrock sprigs painted along the piece’s side. The impressive looking handle makes a full arc across the basket,
Although you may not realize it, basketry is one of the oldest traditional handcrafts in Ireland, and ancient Irish basketmakers experimented with all sorts of natural materials and weaving techniques to create baskets to be used for everyday life. These baskets served as vital tools for life in the Irish countryside, and basket making was an important skill to know. Many dwellings contained plots of willow near homes, known as “sally gardens,” or in rows along boundary fences of tillage fields. After gathering their reeds, the basketmaker would spend hours during the winter and springtime months with their lapboard over their legs as they wove their baskets together. Our Classic Shamrock Handled Basket resembles the shame of a common farm basket and is one of the most well-recognized and popular baskets used in Ireland for generations.
Founded in 1849, Belleek Pottery is Ireland’s oldest fine china and giftware manufacturer, and has been continually producing unparalleled Parian porcelain since 1863. The company is located in County Fermanagh, in the tiny village of Belleek and is situated in a building that sits along the shores of the River Erne. For many generations, the artisans trained at Belleek have remained steadfast in their commitment to quality, beauty, and honoring the Irish spirit, and that sentiment is immediately apparent in any piece by Belleek Pottery that you encounter. And of course, our Classic Shamrock Handled Baskets are no exception.
These beautiful little porcelain baskets make the perfect gift for anyone with a love of Irish history or culture, and it will look amazing no matter where you choose to place it in your home. Whether you’d like to use it as a centerpiece on your dining room table, or let it perch along your window sill, we are confident there is a special spot in your home just waiting for the arrival of our Classic Shamrock Handled Basket. From the moment you lift this special little piece out of its box, you will fall in love with its simple curves, incredible detail, and gentle palette of colors that are so pleasing to the eye.
Our baskets make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, anniversary presents, birthday gifts, St. Patrick’s Day gifts, or would make a fine addition to your own Belleek Pottery fine china collection, or perhaps this is the first piece you choose to start with as you begin your journey of building an entire set. Either way, we are so thrilled to offer another amazing Belleek Pottery item, and we hope you will enjoy having this in your home as much as we do at ShamrockGift. As with all of our Belleek Pottery items, these Classic Shamrock Handled Baskets sell fast so we encourage you to purchase yours today before we have to restock!

Product Features We Adore

Wickerwork Weave

Designed to resemble traditional Irish woven baskets

Sturdy Handle

Perfect for ease of carrying or hanging

Hand-Painted Shamrock Detailing

Fine and unique detailing in a classically Irish motif

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