Belleek Classic Shamrock Ring Holder

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  • Embossed leaf motif- this incredible feature reflects the natural splendor of Ireland's glorious and stunning countryside in its physical appearance 
  • The shamrock detail on the product are hand-painted, rendered by Belleek’s master ceramic craftsmen, a unique and beautiful design
  • The center ring holder in the piece is large and spacious enough to hold an assortment of rings, for convenience and safety
  • The product comes in the adequate and standard dimensions, measuring 4.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches in height.
  • The porcelain is a product of the world-renown, reputable and experienced Belleek, giving it unique origin.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Fine china porcelains have dotted our homes from as early as civilization itself. Interior home decorations reflect mainly on the beauty of a house, and many people judge the home dwellers with how intricate they arrange and design their home. Globally, people take great effort in ensuring that their home décor stands out, is appealing and attractive, whether as a fashion statement, for the love of neatness and order or leave a lasting impression to their visitors. One of the artifacts that have over the decades helped in home decorations is porcelains. Our Belleek Classic Shamrock Ring holder fits all the descriptions of the ultimate delicate, exquisite and outstanding porcelains for home décor.
Molded to resemble a shamrock and handcrafted with the most beautiful quality porcelain, Belleek's Shamrock Ring Holder makes an elegant addition to any dressing table. Our shamrock ring holder porcelain will add beauty, class, and detail to your dressing table, and is a touch of perfection, delicate craftsmanship, and design.
Every little detail of our stunning Belleek Classic Shamrock Ring Holder speaks of ultimate pure design genius and beauty. Every inch, curve, and corner of our excellent piece of art has carefully been thought off, resulting in an elegant, outstanding, and impressive product.
The tray itself takes the form of a shamrock, a fantastic artistic feature. The hand embossed details add texture to the plant's impressive and sleek design. The center column is conveniently styled to be perfect storage for an assortment of rings.
The green shamrock detailing is hand painted by the skilled, professional, and experienced Belleek's master artisans. The use of shamrocks in the design of the product gives a reflection the Irish culture and tradition, an opportunity to pay homage to the vast and rich Irish origins. The shamrock is one of Ireland’s most recognizable national symbols. The easily recognized shamrock symbol is known to represent good luck and Ireland’s natural green splendor. Closely associated with Saint Patrick, legend has it that Ireland’s patron saint used the shamrock to teach pre-Christian Ireland about the holy trinity- three leaves connected to one steam. Ireland is a profoundly religious country, and the use of the shamrock on our beautiful porcelain gives it an Irish connection, making it quite accessible, not only in Ireland but to the millions of people who prophase Christianity around the world.
Belleek has been defining and ruling the china and porcelain industry in Ireland for decades now, identified as the oldest craft pottery in Ireland. Products from Belleek have a unique and distinctive touche, with the china characteristically thin and slightly iridescent, and the use of its signature symbol, the three leaf clover.
Our amazing classic shamrock ring holder is a product of the magnificent, experienced, and skilled artisans at Belleek. The artistic representations and design of the porcelain give it both a classy and outstanding look that is easily identifiable, making it an exciting product.

Product Features We Adore


Rendered by Belleek's master ceramic craftsmen

Hand-Painted Shamrock

Every clover is different and each brush stroke is unique

Leaf Motif

Reflecting the natural splendor of Ireland's countryside

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