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Tara 6 x 4 Frame from Belleek

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  • Hand-painted porcelain which is distinctively unique and beautiful, carefully and professionally painted by the best designers
  • Embossed design that adds additional glow and color to the frame, giving it an exceptional and exclusive finishing
  • The frames dimension of 22.2cm by 17cm, with the picture holding space of 6’’ by 4’’, enough to frame the standard picture size, enabling you to store and cherish moments captured by the camera
  • The frame is designed, manufactured and produced by Belleek Pottery, a world acclaimed firm that has created a niche for itself in the production of fine china
  • Our Belleek frame is exclusively made in Ireland, and its design celebrates the rich Irish culture and traditions.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

The Tara Picture Frame from Belleek is one of the items to gift your friends or loved ones, used to preserve good old memories of special times. Pictures have sentimental value in our lives, and preserving and displaying them in our houses is the perfect way to keep special memories alive. One of the best ways of posting pictures is by using beautiful frames that bring out the best in the captured moments, and the Belleek Tara picture frame lives up to this challenge.
History of Belleek
Belleek Pottery Company has been in existence over a century, founded way back in 1849 in County Fermanagh. Belleek has maintained and set standards in the manufacture and production of elegant, exclusively unique and detailed china. The reputation of Belleek company caught the eye of Queen Victoria, and she rated the company as her favorite company for the production of fine and beautiful china over the years.
The award-winning and internationally acclaimed China production company, Belleek remains a trend and standards setter in the production and manufacture of fine china.
The frame’s design
There are a lot of fine details taken into the design of this gorgeous frame from Belleek. Every detail from the smallest to the most obvious has carefully been thought of, deliberations made before adding it into the frame to give it its final perfect look.
The Belleek Tara collection takes design inspiration from the intricate Celtic Knot found on the famous Tara Brooch, which is thought to come from the High Kings of Ireland. The bold Celtic Knot design is finely replicated in an embossed design in the picture frame as it adorns the borders of this white porcelain with hand plaited Shamrock flowers. The vibrant color detail of the flowers delicately depicts Ireland National Symbol. This finishing gives the picture frame a unique and beautiful design to be admired.
The spiral edge of the frame creates a sense of movement around the frames outer edge, a fantastic design addition to the frame.
The 6 x 4 beautiful frame is perfect for framing wedding photos or any cherished moments captured in pictures and that you want to remember for years to come.
The abundant and evident connection to the Irish culture and tradition in the design of the frame promises exclusivity of unique products.

Product Features We Adore

Celtic Knot Motif

One of Ireland's enduring artistic design legacies

Spiral Edge

Creates a sense of movement around the frame's outer edge


Rich color detail delicately depicting Ireland's national symbol

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