It’s springtime and that means picnics, parties, and plenty of outdoor leisure. And no matter your activity, or how nice the afternoon sun is, a blanket is a perennially handy accessory to have around, especially when the temperature dips at the beach and you just want to stay to watch the sunset.

Irish blankets embody all the rustic charm of rural Ireland and the color patterns on some of our favorites go with anything, whether you’re curling up with a good book in your bay window or laying out a wine and cheese spread in your local park. Made from 100% natural materials, they are hard-wearing and highly durable while remaining super soft and comfortable every use. Don’t think you’ll have a use for a blanket in the warmer months? Scroll down for the best ways to use your blanket as the thermometer rises.





We love the idea of throwing this around yourself after a day at the beach and the sea breeze comes in off the coast so you can linger just a little longer and watch the sun turn the sky to pink and orange.

Knit from pure merino wool, this elegant Dara Merino Wool Aran Throw is part rural Ireland and part rustic chic. Made from natural, organic wool, it is easy to care for and goes just as well with a sofa as it does with city park grass. The layered texture of the diamond and cable knit patterns add a wonderful sense of depth to the blanket and comes directly from the Aran Islands, where fishermen wore sweaters made of the same designs to protect them from the Atlantic elements. The diamond pattern represents future wealth and the cable stitch represents the fishermen’s ropes and the promise of a good catch.





When the temperature rises and the sun sets later in the day, late-night outdoor movies pop up all over the country. Whether the movie’s in a park or parking lot, you’ll want something to protect from the bare ground, and a durable Aran blanket is the perfect choice.

For those looking for something a bit different from their Aran throw, this Honeycomb Merino Wool Aran Throw is a great option. The honeycomb represents the hard work of the honey bee and the sweet fruits of such work and is thought to bring good luck upon whoever wears it. Made from 100% pure merino wool, the blanket is heavy and perfect for spreading over a grassy plot in a park on a summer day, or for wrapping up with by a fire as winter turns to spring.





Sometimes you just want to get outdoors and build something. With the shamrock motif of this blanket, you can be one with nature even as you shade yourself from the elements.

If you really want to let your Irish flag fly, this Irish Shamrock Wool Throw is the blanket for you. Made from the highest quality merino wool, the blanket has the popular symbol of Ireland repeated twice, once in bright green along the edges, and again in three-dimensional knitting in the center, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of Irish heritage. Bring it with you whenever you need an extra layer and we think it will soon become your “lucky Irish blanket.”





Parks are synonymous with summer and picnics. And for every picnic, there is an equal or greater number of blankets on hand to keep the food and drinks away from the earth. This blanket won’t get lost at the park due to its bright colors and bold herringbone pattern.

We love the modern colors on this Samuel Lamont Cotton Throw from esteemed weavers Samuel Lamont. Charcoal, cream, and red form the core of this blanket, adding a stylish and bold accent wherever you need to toss this piece. Knit in a beautiful herringbone pattern, the blanket goes with just about any interior design, and is made from 100% cotton, so it is easy to wash and care for if you want to take it with you to the beach or park.





Camping is one of the most popular spring and summer activities. But as warm as a campfire is, it only heats the half of you facing the flames. So to protect the rest of you from the elements, an Irish throw is a perfect, and stylish, addition to any camp kit.

This Samuel Lamont Bamboo Throw is one of our favorites. Its hypoallergenic construction is luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin, making it perfect for everyone. Its subtle pink and white plaid pattern is also highly versatile, nodding to more traditional Irish checkered designs while updating the colors to a distinctly modern sensibility. Made by Samuel Lamont, the blanket carries with it almost 200 years of hard-wearing textile manufacturing and craftsmanship, making it a great addition to any household.





No matter where you live, there’s bound to be an outdoor concert or two in your area. As crowded as they get, it can be difficult to find your spot again after heading to the concession stand, so we love this sky blue blanket and its bold visibility for keeping you protected from the ground and your group easy to find.

Don’t quote us on this, but we think you’d be hard-pressed to lose this Sky Blue Celtic Weavers Cotton Throw wherever you use it. The bright sky blue stands out from any surface and adds a calming quality to this highly durable blanket, while the geometric design adds to the blanket’s contemporary style. Made from 100% cotton, the blanket is easy to care for and works as well indoors as outdoors, while carrying with it the craftsmanship of almost 200 years of history. (This throw is also available in red here.)





If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space in your home or apartment, there’s nothing better than catching up on some reading in the early morning while the world comes alive. But summer mornings can be chilly, so wrap yourself in an Irish blanket to stay warm until the sun starts to heat everything up on its own.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Irish plaid blanket, we love this tweed throw from Celtic Weavers. Available in a red and navy plaid as well as a plaid of green and blue, the blanket also features a reversible white fleece side that is exceptionally soft and luxurious. Its 100% coton construction is hard-wearing and easy to care for, making the blanket a perfect choice for spring picnics and summer beach days.





Carraig Donn Shamrock Baby Blanket. With a dazzling array of Aran cable knits and a shamrock and sheep motif at the borders, this blanket exudes Irish heritage. The cable patterns are representative of the ropes and nets of the Aran fishermen, while the sheep and shamrocks signify the natural beauty of the Irish landscape and farm life. Knit from 100% natural merino wool, the blanket measures 38in x 27in and is perfect for keeping handy in your stroller or next to the crib on cold nights. Or, take it with you to the park and give your baby something soft to roll around on as the days get warmer.



Sailing Boat Knit Throw. Covered with the traditional Aran latticework and honeycomb knit patterns, this throw is more than an everyday blanket. Made from plush merino wool, the blanket measures 62in x 42in, perfect for a growing young captain. The knit patterns represent strength through the trellis and hard work of the honeybee with the honeycomb designs, while the contrasting blue of the knit ships, anchors, and waves at the borders add a sense of connection to the ocean that all Aran Islanders have. Stitched in the center of this blanket is a beautiful and unique knit sailboat, showing off the creativity of the knitters of the Aran Islands.



Knit Aran Patchwork Cotton Throw. Made from super soft merino wool, this children’s blanket features a stunning patchwork of traditional Aran knit patterns, including the classic cable knit, diamond stitch, basket weave, and blackberry knit. The knit patterns are significant to the Aran Islands, symbolizing hope for fishermen’s safe voyages and prolific catches, creating a lovely resonance with every parent’s hope for their child. Measuring 32in x 22in, this blanket is highly portable and ideal for storing in your stroller or keeping next to a crib during this transitional season.


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