11 Irish Gifts for Fall Birthdays

11 Irish Gifts for Fall Birthdays

Posted by Ima Ocon on 2nd Nov 2020

When the days become progressively colder after the sweltering heat of summer and leaves start falling in a rainbow of colors, fall is here. From September to November, we honor fall in different ways—holding bonfires, carving pumpkins, picking apples, and taking more forest walks, to name a few. Apart from the season itself, there’s also something else to celebrate: when we have friends, loved ones, or members of our community with approaching birthdays. In keeping with the times, a fall-inspired gift might be in order. Here’s Shamrock Craic’s gift guide for fall birthdays, with an Irish twist.

Irish Blessing Mug - Irish Weave

Fall is perfect for curling up at home with a warm drink, whether that’s hot chocolate, pumpkin latte, or coffee in the morning. This Irish blessing mug checks off the requirements for a satisfying gift. Not only is it a useful addition to your loved one’s kitchen or desk, it’s also a thoughtful reminder of how much you appreciate them. An Irish blessing adorns its side: “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; and the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.” 

Irish Aran Cowl Cape

Made of 100% soft merino wool, our gorgeous Aran Cowl Cape will keep you warm and cozy during the Fall and Winter. This beautiful Aran Cape is designed to come in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find just the right fit for you.

Ladies Cable Pattern Pocket Shawl

Fashion naturally adapts to the seasons, and a stylish way to welcome fall while staying cozy and comfortable is by wearing a shawl. Compared to the classic choices of cardigans and capes, capes tend to exude more flair and personality. The Irish Aran Cable Pattern Shawl is chic and whimsical, and it comes in lovely fall colors—we recommend Connemara Green and Classic Natural White for a standout look that complements the season’s falling leaves well. Tailored out of Merino wool, it follows Aran stitching patterns, which are said to have originated from fishermen in the Aran Islands. This shawl incorporates cable and tree of life patterns that symbolize luck, wealth, and success. Paired with jeans, skirts, or shorts, it’s good to go!

Saol Crew Neck Aran Sweater

If a male loved one is celebrating his birthday this fall, one of the most practical gifts that you can get him is a well-crafted, long-lasting sweater that can be used every day without wearing down easily. The Saol Crew Neck Aran Sweater is made of Merino wool, and as you can guess from its name, it was based on the Aran sweaters that women traditionally knitted for their fishermen husband in the Aran Islands. Because the fishermen had to brave the elements frequently, these sweaters were meant to be sturdy and yet soft and woolly to the touch.

14K White Gold and Emerald Shamrock Earrings

Jewelry is characterized by timeless beauty, and it doesn’t even have to be flashy and intricate—even a small pair of high-quality earrings can have stunning impact. The Emerald Shamrock Earrings go well with the spirit of fall, thanks to their rich color. While it doesn’t quite imitate nature, emerald green has been a recurring fashion favorite because it fits in well with yellow, orange, and other colors that emerge during autumn. These earrings embody elegance, with carefully curated details. Designed and carved in Ireland, they come in the shape of shamrocks, a beloved Irish symbol for good luck, with embedded green and white crystals that catch the eye. What’s great about these earrings is they’re adaptable—they can be worn just as easily for either a formal event or a romantic date night!

Super Soft Irish Wool Cable Knit Scarf for Men

Fall has many motifs, from pumpkins to jackets, but if we were to choose one iconic item that’s the most likely to be found in people’s wardrobes, it would have to be scarves. The Irish Aran Wool Scarf is specifically geared towards men, and its natural white color makes it easy to layer over any top. What makes it different from your usual scarf is that it was woven using the Aran style. An Aran is a traditional Irish belt that consists of wool with different patterns, and because of the creative freedom that this allowed, each Aran scarf lively and unique. It’s a wardrobe must-have that’ll keep your loved one warm in both fall and winter!

Silver Pearl Rose Gold Plated Pendant

Not all of the beloved autumn colors are directly inspired by nature. Rose gold often comes trending during autumn, even though it’s concocted by the imagination rather than found in the natural world, and that’s because it wears well with the fall color palette. The Silver Pearl Rose Gold Plated Pendant would look in its element when put together with a dress in a dark, earthy color. The pendant combines a delicate silver pearl with a trinity knot in rose gold. Trinity knots have special significance in Irish culture, and their symbolism is multifaceted, ranging from the Holy Trinity to eternal love and even the cycle of life. Cultural complexity aside, this gift boils down to one sentiment: profound affection for the recipient.

Irish Bluegrass and Kombu Candle

Our Irish Buegrass and Kombu Candle is 100% made of natural soy wax and it's the perfect element for a great time of relaxation. The candle comes in a glass jar with a cotton wick. The total burn time is 40 hours and it helps you to lose all the stress and tension accumulated through the day.

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Article Initially Publish on Oct 12, 2018