The Top 10 Traditional Irish Wedding Presents

The Top 10 Traditional Irish Wedding Presents

Posted by Ima Ocon on 10th Jun 2023

It's almost peak wedding season, and with it comes the rush of registries and gifts. We've selected some of our favorite traditional Irish wedding presents if you want to focus on the couple's Irish or Celtic heritage. In our journey to stay connected with our roots and cherish our Irish heritage, it's often the little things, but which carry a profound meaning, that remind ourselves in our day-to-day lives about our culture. Whether it's adorning our favorite room with an Irish or Celtic-themed piece of home decor, setting a table with elegant china boasting an Irish Weave design, or wrapping ourselves in the warmth of an Aran knit sweater, these gifts will bring the essence of Irish history and culture closer to our hearts, and are perfect for celebrating life's milestones, like weddings. Weddings in Ireland today are diverse in style, with couples having a lot of leeway in terms of their preferences and beliefs. Looking back on Ireland’s history, weddings weren’t always like this. From Pagan customs to Catholic masses, they’ve gone through several radical changes!

Many traditional elements are still incorporated in modern Irish weddings. The couples here don’t have to be Irish either—they can be Irish culture enthusiasts from another country, or they might simply like a particular custom. Some interesting (and still popular) traditions include handfasting, where a couple binds their hands together with cords while reciting their vows. Traditional Irish weddings have also toasted couples with alcohol, using whiskey or mead rather than the modern choice of champagne. Alternatively, couples can hire musicians that play traditional instruments like flutes, fiddles, and harps! Whatever elements may be included in a modern Irish wedding, one thing is consistent: it’s a celebration that calls for community. Guests and loved ones are happy for the couple, and gift-giving is an essential part of this as well. If you’re trying to think of gift ideas for Irish weddings, you have a lot of choices! Good wedding gifts tend to be both practical and deeply personal, and in keeping with the theme, you can give items imbued with an Irish touch, from shamrock engravings to Irish blessings that could double as wedding readings.

Here are the 10 best Irish traditional gift ideas for newlyweds:


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An antique-looking Irish candle holder serves as a thoughtful and timeless gift for newlyweds who appreciate the exquisite Irish artwork and symbolism. A perfect piece of home decor, candles and candle holders bring a sense of warmth and light, and as gifts, they are a blessing for the couple as they begin their journey together to always have the light of love and unity in their home. Its enduring beauty and functionality make it a remarkable wedding present, offering a blend of tradition and sophistication that newlyweds can cherish for years to come. An Irish candle holder finely crafted with pewter or silver that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Ireland would add a touch of elegance and meaning to any space for a long time.

Recommendation: A quintessentially Irish gift, this Claddagh Unity Candle Holder will become a cherished treasure and a great piece of decor in the newlyweds' home, reminding them of their special day and their beloved culture. A renowned symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty in Irish culture, the Claddagh featured in our candle holder, will keep the memory of the special occasion alive.


Ireland has made its mark in the world of textiles and fabrics. First, it came up with Aran stitches, which are knitting patterns said to have originated from fishermen in an Irish village. It’s also a top producer of Merino wool. This is an ultra-soft fabric that’s so much finer and more comfortable than standard wool. It also adjusts to body temperature, so that it keeps the wearer warm during winter and cools down during winter. The combination of Merino wool with Aran stitches is an Irish invention, and you can find it in sweaters, scarves, blankets, and even throws—any of which can be gifted to newlyweds. 

Recommendation: The safest choice would be a throw or blanket, and this Merino Wool Throw is perfect for snuggling up with during winter or cold rainy days. Created by Aran Woollen Mills, Ireland’s oldest known manufacturer of knitwear, its Aran stitches include trellis and cable patterns.

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If the couple that you’re planning to offer a gift to someone who cherishes Catholic beliefs, then they might appreciate a High Celtic Cross. Ireland has a deeply Catholic background, from St. Patrick as its patron saint to the numerous cathedrals all over the country. The Celtic cross is one of the testaments to this, slightly hinting at the country’s Celtic, pre-Christian origins as well. Today, it is still found throughout Ireland, marking the presence of a holy place. It’s more or less a regular cross except with a ring at the center. A common interpretation of this is that the ring depicts a halo, which alludes to Jesus Christ. In a more romantic context, the ring represents infinite love, without beginning or end.

Recommendation: This Celtic Creation Bronzed Wall Cross exudes quality Irish craftsmanship and authenticity in a beautiful design that will adorn any room. It is cast in resin and coated with an elegant bronze finish, ensuring its antique design will retain its pristine look over time. As a beautiful piece of home decor in the newlyweds home, this High Cross will be a beautiful expression of Christian faith and of the hope Celts once had, and a unique place of prayer, surely to be appreciated by a couple with deep Christian values!


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There are many ways to remember a wedding: photos in picture frames for the living room, souvenirs from the event, even the rings worn by the couple. You can send a celebratory follow-up using an Irish blessing wall hanging. Irish blessings are known for being warm-hearted, poetic with metaphor and yet easy to understand for the heart, and their beauty and wisdom cuts across cultures. Adding an Irish blessing wall hanging to the gift will fill the couple's home with heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of love, happiness, and prosperity 

Recommendation: Combining convenience with an authentic Irish charm, the Hanging Shamrock Decor is ready to be hung anywhere inside the house! It’s no ordinary shamrock, either—aside from being gold plated, it displays a classic heartfelt Irish blessing, wishing good luck upon the married couple. A truly heartwarming gift for a special occasion.


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A tea set embodies the spirit of Irish generosity and hospitality, which is why it is the perfect gift for a just married couple’s new home! Love can feel just like sipping a perfect cup of tea - heartwarming, cozy and comfortable. In Ireland, the rich flavors and comforting warmth of a cup of tea carry deep significance. The Irish consider that tea is not only a beverage, but an integral part of the national identity and everyday life. From lively conversations with friends to moments of relaxation and reflection, tea accompanies every occasion with grace and a familiar warmth. Give the gift of tradition and allow the lovebirds to feel time slowing down with every sip.

Recommendation: This exquisite Irish Blessing Tea Set, inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland, is the perfect classic gift that will surely be appreciated by the married couple. With its beautifully crafted mugs, delicate plate, and tin box of 50 tea bags, this set embodies the warmth of Irish hospitality. Each piece of the set is adorned with intricate Celtic knotwork, featuring a heartfelt Irish blessing.


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Wedding gifts have always been traditionally practical. When the bride and groom move in together, one of the spaces in their home that need the most attention is the kitchen. What’s found in the kitchen today may be quite different from what was there during the time of Irish folklore, but there is a kitchen staple that remains the same: tableware. Whether it is a salt & pepper set, fine cutlery or a qualitative tablecloth, they all make an impression for the guests and create a more welcoming space for the couple. So, spoil the bride and groom with some pieces of tableware that will enhance the look of their home and make each dining experience a special one!

Recommendation: When it comes to tableware, you can never go wrong with the classics! So check this Irish Linen Tablecloth, an elegant and versatile gift for any household. Sprinkled with motifs of Celtic heritage, through its Celtic knots pattern, this tablecloth is both a beautiful piece of decor and a practical addition to the kitchen, woven from damask linen to last a lifetime.


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An antique-looking Irish blessing plaque stands as a meaningful wedding gift that encapsulates the essence of Irish tradition and hospitality. These beautifully crafted plaques often feature intricate culturally-inspired designs and heartfelt blessings, so they will remain memorable presents in one's home. Gifting such a plaque to a newlywed couple bestows upon them an authentic piece of Ireland's rich cultural heritage, and a personal wish that they will see and cherish for a long time. These wall hangings can be displayed in their favorite room, creating a beautiful focal point on a wall, and serve as a constant reminder of the enduring power of their commitment. As a wedding present, a beautifully craftedIrish blessing plaque featuring traditional Irish home blessings is a classic, and a heartfelt gesture that makes a thoughtful choice for any couple embarking on the challenging journey that marriage is.

Recommendation: Our Irish Blessing Céad Míle Fáilte Bronze Plaque is the perfect Irish gift for newlyweds. Boasting quality Irish craftsmanship and materials, it features a culturally-inspired design, with the traditional Irish greeting 'Céad Míle Fáilte' embossed on it, on of the most used Irish words in the world-a heartfelt greeting that translates to 'a thousand, hundred welcomes,' symbolizing the warmth and hospitality of Ireland. The timeless aesthetic of this plaque and the meaningful message conveyed make it a cherished addition to any newly built home.


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Wedding gifts have always been traditionally practical. Right after the wedding, the couple gets to settle down in their new home and enjoy the space that it’s now theirs. A quintessential part of Irish knitting traditions, an Aran bed runner should not be missing from any Irish household. Aran knit throws and runners, among sweaters and other pieces of knitwear, are considered one of Ireland's great treasures, a symbol of legacy and identity. Combining cultural essence with practicality, an Aran bed runner is built to provide lifelong comfort for the freshly married couple - a piece of Irish heritage that will be cherished for a lifetime. An Aran bed runner is the epitome of Irish elegance and warmth, keeping the newlyweds cozy all year round. 

Recommendation: Even at first glance, this Knit Aran Bed Runner made by SAOL will surely impress right away, with its intricate Aran cable designs and unmatched softness. The runner will bring drops of cultural authenticity and warmth to any bedroom or guestroom, filling their living space with the spirit of Irish tradition.


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It is often said that there are no two doors alike in Ireland as each one has its own unique color or decorative detailing. When looking for a wedding gift, consider purchasing an Irish-inspired door knocker as it is not only imbued with cultural authenticity but also unfailingly useful and practical. The door knocker will be the first thing most visitors see before stepping into someone’s home, making it a lifelong cherished representation of their culture and hospitality. It will allow the newlyweds to display their cultural background right at their front door. 

Recommendations: As practical as it is unique, the Shamrock Door Knocker would make an authentic marriage gift that will surely be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come. The perfect addition to any household, such a piece will bring a note of Irish elegance right to their front door. Additionally, it is handcrafted with rust-resistant pewter providing lifelong durability. As for the shamrock, it is commonly regarded as a good fortune charm, bringing Irish luck to the owners of the home.


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Here’s an unusual and fascinating wedding gift with roots that go far back into Irish culture: a wedding cup. Typically, it looks like an ornate goblet with two handles. Not for everyday use, it takes the spotlight during the couple’s first drink together as a married couple, usually right after the wedding. As the Irish custom goes, they drink from it at the same time, which symbolizes their union in marriage and the merging together of their families. The wedding cup is also called a Quaich, and drinking from it was already widely practiced in the 15th century, even appearing in French, Jewish, and many other cultures. 

Recommendation: Give a nod to tradition with the Claddagh Crystal & Pewter Wedding Flutes, skilfully made in Ireland. Crafted from crystal with exquisite pewter detailing, these glasses will maintain their pristine look over the years, so you can forever keep the memory of your first toast as husband and wife. Strikingly, the design displays the Claddagh, a classic Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty- core values for a strong marriage.


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Initially published on 05/22/2020