Shamrock Craic's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Shamrock Craic's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Jessie Tyler on 25th Jan 2023

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the most expensive time of the year. Taking your partner out for an expensive romantic dinner, buying that big bouquet of red roses and gourmet chocolates….it can really add up. With this year’s Valentine’s Day already around the corner, the anxiety has begun for many, as well as the planning. This article will be striving to make this process easier for you this year by providing a guide that you can follow to give you a fulfilling and successful Valentine’s Day experience. Scroll to the end to see the special Valentine's Day discount code from

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a festival held annually, on the 14th of February, as a celebration of romantic love and adoration. Every year on this day people celebrate love through sending romantic and affectionate messages to their lovers, partners, family and friends. Lovers send each other cards with romantic messages about love and affection and spend the day together.

How did Valentine’s Day come about?

Valentine’s Day gets its name from a catholic priest, Saint Valentine, who resided in Rome in the third century. According to legend, during Valentine’s time soldiers were forbidden from marrying by the emperor Claudius to keep them committed to the Roman Empire.

During the same time period, a lot of people were converting from paganism to Christianity and Saint Valentine was marrying the Roman soldiers secretly in Christian ceremonies. This act made have a reputation for giving love importance. Well, his secret was out and he was caught and imprisoned by the emperor. While incarcerated Valentine occupied his time with taking care of his fellow inmates and even cared for a blind girl who was the daughter of his jailor.

According to legend, Valentine went on to cure the jailor’s daughter of her blindness and wrote her a love message which he signed off ‘from your Valentine’ before facing the executioner. He was executed in the year 270 on the 14th of February.

The establishment of St. Valentine’s Day

Two hundred years after his execution, the 14th of February was declared St Valentine’s Day by the Catholic Church. At this time Rome was largely Christian but there was a pagan fertility festival that was taking place every February. With the Pope’s determination to get rid of the remaining paganism in Rome, he abolished the fertility festival and announced the 14th of February as St Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day symbols

Initially, people would send their beloved hand written messages expressing their love for one another. Over time this changed to the sending of cards. The cards were handmade and would contain a sentimental message proclaiming the sender’s love for the receiver. The St Valentine cards would normally feature symbols of cupid, flowers and hearts and had lace and ribbon trims. These symbols are still widely used to this day.

Irish Valentine's Day Gifts for Her and Him

Over time other aspects were added to symbolize love such as the gifting of a bouquet of flowers, and chocolates and have continued on to more extravagant items. Read on to see Shamrock Craic's Valentine's Day gift guide, and scroll to the end to see our exclusive discount code for

1. A zodiac necklace

While dating one of the important questions your partner asked you was probably your zodiac sign. Assuming you are a considerate partner you asked the same question back and got an answer for it.

This is the perfect occasion to shower her with a gift they will not only hold close to their hearts but one that they will wear proudly as it speaks to the person they are. We offer a large range of birthstone jewelry, check it out.

2. Lipstick

Everyone loves to look and feel pretty, and a bold red lipstick is the ultimate statement of class, boldness and being chic. Get that special someone a lipstick set, which is a gift that is not only perfect for the special day, it is also one they can wear for the rest of the year.

3. A statement bag

Daily life means constant movement and carrying of stuff all day long. Why not upgrade your partner’s bag game by getting them a bag you know they will rave about. And this gift can be purchased within the budget. You can splurge on a designer bag you know they will absolutely live for or buy an affordable Irish made bag that will be cherished for the years to come, either way, they are sure to appreciate it as it is something that will come in handy for more days to come. We have a large selection of Irish bags for ladies authentically made in Ireland with care and quality materials.

4. An intimate dinner at home

There is no better way to spend the day than with the person you love. This year forgo the crowded restaurant that cost an arm and a leg to get in and arrange for a romantic dinner for two at home. An intimate setting with good food and no other person except your beloved os the perfect way to conclude this day. And they are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort you will have put to set the whole thing up. As for the setting, make sure to check out our exquisite selection of Irish tableware and kitchen decor for an extra dose of Irish spirit and quality.

5. Lingerie

St Valentine’s Day means intimate times with the beau, and intimate times mean there is bound to be a steamy encounter later on. Gift you significant other a luxurious and sexy lingerie set you would love to see them in and sit back for the show.

6. A Bluetooth speaker

Music is like food to the soul, and on Valentine’s Day nothing sets the mood like music can. Gift your significant other a quality Bluetooth speaker and use it to play the perfect soundtrack for the evening.

7. Silk/ Wool bed covers

There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping on silk or luxurious soft wool. Make your significant other feels like royalty by upgrading your bed set. An added bonus is that this is a gift you will also get to enjoy.

Merino Wool King Cable Throw from

8. A leather card holder

Choosing the perfect bag for someone else can pose quite a challenge. The next best thing is a card holder. You cannot go wrong with a luxe card holder.

Guinness Ruby Red - Leather Wallet Black from

9. Wine or Champagne glasses

Does your significant other love wine or champagne? Why not get a proper wine set to enjoy her past time. There are several styles you can choose from and from a wide range of prices which means you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

 Claddagh Crystal & Pewter Flutes from

10. A scented candle

Ensure the mood is perfect and set the ambience of the day by gifting your partner a scented candle made of natural wax. This is a gift you can make use of on the day to fill the room with gentle fragrances that set the perfect stage for the rest of the evening.

11. A personalized pendant necklace

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your partner the value they hold in your life as a person and a time to show it on a personal level. As a gift, a personalized pendant is a perfect demonstration of the love you have for your significant other. It is a gift that resonates with them on a personal level and that will remind them of you every time they put it on.

12. A plush robe

The perfect companion on a lazy day home, apart from a good book, is a plush comfortable, luxurious robe. Upgrade your significant other’s at home look by gifting them a plush robe they are sure to enjoy while unwinding on those lazy days home.

13. Earrings

Earrings are a beloved fashion statement piece for many people. The hottest trend at the moment is pearl, which also happens to be a classic so it will never go out of fashion. Therefore if considering this as a Valentine’s Day gift, consider getting Celtic pearl earrings set that she will enjoy for not only this season but other seasons to come too.

14. A wine subscription

Everyone deserves a wine subscription. If your significant other is a wine enthusiast, so much would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Most subscriptions feature three different packages i.e. a red wine package, white wine package and an assorted package.

Most packages are priced depending on the type of wine in the package which means the price range is inclusive and you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

15. Perfume

Perfume is one of those items that are very personal and specific. This however does not mean you should shy away from considering it a Valentine’s Day gift. You can gift your beloved a perfume sampler kit. This gift comes with several samples of perfume which your significant other can sample and test. Whichever perfumes they best resonate with you can always get in full size at a later stage. Meanwhile they get to enjoy a variety of perfume samples. We carry a delicate range of Irish perfumes you should definitely try.

Verveine and Lemon Verbena Irish Perfume Fragrance

16. Spa night

We are in 2023, and this year you can also be your own valentine. And as a Valentine’s Day where you are focusing on you, the day should be all about…you. And that’s what makes a the perfect one. Sit back, relax and pamper yourself silly even if just for one night.

Celtic Complexion Skincare Set from

17. A board game

A gift that both of you can enjoy and that can provide endless hours of fun. There are very many types of board games to choose from so choose one that you are sure you can both enjoy as a couple and have yourself a game night on Valentine’s Day.

Guinness Playing Cards from

18. Movie night

This is perfect for not just a couple but a family unit as well. Make the night inclusive and enjoyable for everyone by arranging for a movie night. The secret here is to choose a movie that even if romantic will not make things weird for everyone else involved. How about a ‘guilty pleasure’ free romantic comedy?

19. An art print of your vows

Are you and your partner married? Then what better way to show your love, commitment and thoughtfulness than an art print of your marriage vows? Select the best phrase from your vows and have it framed, this way they will always remember the promise you made on this special day and so will you.

20. A classic Valentine’s Day Gift hamper

When you can decide on which is the perfect gift for your beloved this Valentine’s Day, the classic is still a good option. Surprise your beau with a classic Valentine gift of an exclusively roses only bouquet or a Valentine’s hamper with the flowers, wine and chocolates included.

We carry a large selection of Irish Valentine's Day Gifts authentically made in ireland you can celebrate with your significant other.

Initially Published on 01/25/2021