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There’s no better way to show your proud Irish heritage off to the world than by donning a piece of authentic Emerald Isle headwear from Hanna Hats!

Who Are Hanna Hats of Donegal?

The Hanna Hats story begins in 1924, in the townland of Donegal on Ireland’s northwest coast.There, a man by the name of David Hanna Senior poured his heart and soul into starting up a small tailoring firm. While times were good for quite some time, by the time the freewheeling 1960s rolled around, David had come to understand that the demand for tailored suits was gradually beginning to decline. Rather than packing his business in, however, he acted in true entrepreneurial spirit by deciding to adapt. It was clear the business needed a new direction: but what could it be? Hats, it became obvious, were the answer to his prayers. In the year 1964, the Hanna Hat as we know it today was born after a solid four and a half hours of stitching on the part of David. He deemed this prototype “Style 84,” and it was an instant hit. In the mid-70s, David’s son John took the business over, and it continued to thrive. Today, John’s daughters Amanda and Eleanor keep the tradition alive. They use only the finest Donegal tweed on their products, and maintain a fierce loyalty to the classic style of bespoke tailoring that gives Hanna Hats their distinctive look.

Hanna Hats Collection Made in Ireland

Each hat or cap, as they like to say at Hanna, is a little bit of Donegal brought to life -- so whether you’ve got a lucky heritage connection to this special Irish county or just adore the shape and overall look of Hanna Hats, there’s no reason to hesitate in making one of them yours to love today! The range of hats available in our catalogue cover many types of traditional Irish wool tweed, which offer insulating warmth paired with all-day breathability and comfort.

Hanna Hats Made with Quality Tweed Wool

Many also feature 100% pure viscose taffeta lining, providing a perfectly snug fit to keep the hat on your head, wherever you may be, no matter the weather! They feature a box-like shape that peaks in the back and extends across the top halfway and gradually slopes toward the front, creating an elegant vintage silhouette, and a huge range of colors, both muted and bright.

Vintage Tweed Childrens Patch Cap- this hat is finely handmade from 100% wool, which will provide ultimate warmth, moisture-wicking breathability, and comfort

Vintage Tweed Cap-Patch Grey- this hat comes in a classic Irish flat cap silhouette giving it an inviting vintage feel, and the vivid patchwork design gives it a dash of rugged character.

Vintage Tweed Cap-Patch- the design of this irish flat hat includes exciting shades of blue, green, grey, tan, and black and white in an assortment of tweed and herringbone patterns.

The Shamrock Gift Hanna Hats range includes sizes that perfectly fit men, women, and children alike, making them a fantastic gift option for any close friend or family member for birthdays or Christmas. They’re guaranteed to perfectly match with outfits of any shade, making it especially great for adding contrast to color-blocking ensembles.

Stay chic all fall and winter with this range of Hanna Hats made in Ireland!

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