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Royal Tara

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Royal Tara has been a top producer in exquisite fine bone china and giftware for over 50 years in the charming city of Galway, Ireland. Their luxury ceramics are delicately hand-painted with some of the most beautiful Celtic designs and often feature favorite Irish blessings. Perfect for a special gift for anyone with Irish roots or missing Ireland! When you buy Royal Tara bone china, you’re not just buying a mug or plate. You’re buying a piece of Irish history. Galway has been a commercial center in Ireland since at least the 16th century when it was ruled by 14 cooperating merchant families, so it’s no surprise that that heritage continues in today’s Royal Tara company. Today a bustling city with a thriving university population and heavy tourist draw, Galway offers something for everyone, and since the 1960s, Royal Tara has been there to provide all who pass through with quality chinaware, metalwork, and plaques to remember their stay.

Royal Tara Fine Bone China Selection

Every piece of Royal Tara merchandise features a symbol of Ireland, whether the trinity knot, Claddagh, harp, or even a sheep. All are crafted with the highest commitment to quality, ensuring that your gift will last years. Their commitment to functionality and originality leads the ethos of Royal Tara, ensuring that items as simple as mugs and plates are visual beauties with a complexity not often seen outside a long tradition of Irish and Celtic art.

Royal Tara Tableware

Many designs used by Royal Tara come directly from the Book of Kells, a medieval Irish manuscript that has become the most famous illuminated book of the time period in Europe. With classically Celtic designs like interwoven animals, letters, and human figures creating a tapestry in the paint on the parchment, the Book of Kells has inspired generations of artists. Royal Tara seamlessly integrates such designs into their line of tableware, including cups, saucers, mugs, plates, and more.

Royal Tara Shamrock Gift Mug Set- these mugs are made of hand-painted Bone China and feature one of the most famous and lucky of Irish symbols: the shamrock.

Irish Celtic High Cross Mug Set- by using the Celtic Cross and other intricate symbols these mugs allow you to embrace the rich Celtic heritage, inclusive of the culture and religion.

God Bless our Home 4" Plate - Irish Weave- this plate features majestic patterns of Celtic art and colorful tone that is reminiscent of the art displayed in the Book of Kells.

Set of 4 Different Coasters-Irish Weave- designed with cork backings, these Royal Tara coasters come in a square design with refined rounded corners.

Clara Woolly Ware Tea Bag Holder- this cute tea bag is both stylish and convenient- made of durable ceramic and is designed in the shape of a black sheep with white wool

Royal Tara even offers tea sets that come with multiple cups as well as a selection of classic Irish teas.

Celtic Stained Glass Panels

Stained glass in Ireland also has a long and noble history, with some of the best-stained glass artists of the 20th century coming from the small country. People like Harry Clarke and Evie Hone helped create a contemporary style of stained glass that moved beyond the traditional gothic use of color and light and a uniquely Irish style. Royal Tara’s line of stained glass panels called back to that history with panels that you can hang in your window, on your porch or patio, or even on a plain wall. The panels are beautifully rendered in greens, yellows, blues, and reds, featuring Celtic knot motifs and coming in a variety of styles. Some feature full-length Irish blessings, while others feature Irish words like Sláinte, or “health” (what the Irish use for a traditional drinking cheers), or Fáilte, meaning “welcome.”

Royal Tara Celtic Wall Plaques

Royal Tara also offers a collection of Celtic bronze plaques in similar styles for a more austere design. By far the most popular Irish symbol is the shamrock, and you’ll find it just about everywhere on Royal Tara’s selection of products. Legend has it that Saint Patrick used the shamrock to teach pagan Ireland about the holy trinity—one stem connected to three leaves, representing the idea of one god with three parts, the father, son, and holy spirit. Since the conversion of Ireland to Christianity, the shamrock has become as inseparable a symbol for Ireland as glaze from a kiln-fired plate. Today, it still represents the trinity, in addition to being a symbol of good luck and fortune to those who believe.

Browse Shamrock Gift’s Royal Tara section to see cups, Irish plaques, wall hangings, decorative ornaments, kitchenware like oven gloves and towels, and more!

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  1. May You Live Long Oval Panel Out of Stock
    May You Live Long Oval Panel
    As low as $23.95
    Out of stock
  2. Claddagh Ring Arch Panel
    Claddagh Ring Arch Panel
  3. Cead Mile Failte Plaque
    Cead Mile Failte Plaque
  4. St Brigid's Cross Plaque
    St Brigid's Cross Plaque
  5. Old Irish Blessing Plaque
    Old Irish Blessing Plaque
  6. Old Irish Blessing 8" Plate
    Old Irish Blessing 8" Plate
  7. God Bless Our Home 8" Plate Out of Stock
    God Bless Our Home 8" Plate
    As low as $24.99
    Out of stock
  8. Irish Blessing Cup & Saucer Out of Stock
    Irish Blessing Cup & Saucer
    As low as $31.95
    Out of stock
  9. Lucky Shamrock Mug Set Out of Stock
    Lucky Shamrock Mug Set
    As low as $27.99
    Out of stock
  10. Ireland Cross Mug Set With Gift Box Out of Stock
    Ireland Cross Mug Set With Gift Box
    As low as $27.50
    Out of stock
  11. Welsh Dragon Rope Plaque
    Welsh Dragon Rope Plaque
  12. Irish Blessing Tea Towel & Pot Holder Out of Stock
    Irish Blessing Tea Towel & Pot Holder
    As low as $18.95
    Out of stock
  13. Irish Blessing Tea Cozy Out of Stock
    Irish Blessing Tea Cozy
    As low as $17.99
    Out of stock
  14. Cross of Hope Plaque
    Cross of Hope Plaque
  15. High Cross Gothic Panel
    High Cross Gothic Panel
  16. Hanging Harp Decoration Out of Stock
    Hanging Harp Decoration
    As low as $15.99
    Out of stock
  17. Irish Sheep Gothic Panel
    Irish Sheep Gothic Panel
  18. Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel
    Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel
  19. Irish Harp Gothic Panel
    Irish Harp Gothic Panel
  20. Ireland Round Panel Out of Stock
    Ireland Round Panel
    As low as $25.99
    Out of stock
  21. Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel
    Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel
  22. Trinity Knot Panel
    Trinity Knot Panel
  23. Irish Afternoon Tea Set Out of Stock
    Irish Afternoon Tea Set
    As low as $69.99
    Out of stock
  24. Ornate Failte Stained Glass
    Ornate Failte Stained Glass
  25. Round Stained Glass Slainte
    Round Stained Glass Slainte
  26. Welsh Dragon Teabag Holder
  27. Claddagh Ring Rope Plaque
    Claddagh Ring Rope Plaque
  28. Irish Shamrock Rope Plaque
    Irish Shamrock Rope Plaque
  29. Ireland Mug - Emerald Isle
    Ireland Mug - Emerald Isle
  30. Breakfast Tea - Irish Weave Out of Stock
    Breakfast Tea - Irish Weave
    As low as $15.95
    Out of stock

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