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The Shamrock Gift Company has one of the biggest, most innovative ranges of Irish souvenir gifts in all of Ireland. Browse through their many fun, quirky offerings from lines like Wacky Woollies, Wooley Jumpers, A Little Irish Luck, and the Black Sheep.

Shamrock Gift Company Souvenirs

Whatever you’re in the market for — a keychain, a backpack, an umbrella, a cooking apron, or even some Irish chocolate — you’ve come to the right place! The running thread between all the souvenirs here (no matter how random) is that they all adhere to the same high standard and great quality that Shamrock Gift Company prides itself on.

Whether you’ve been to Ireland a hundred times, or you’re planning an upcoming trip, these gifts are here to remind you of one of the most enchanting and fun-loving places in the world. The Irish are known for their humor and charm, generosity and sincerity, which we have lovingly incorporated into all our Shamrock Gift Company souvenirs.

“A Little Irish Luck” Gifts

The collection of A Little Irish Luck promises the luck of the Irish to whomever you give it. Whether you’re looking for a cute tea cup or a new apron for those afternoons working on a new batch of soda bread, these is sure to liven up your day. Each item, whether it’s offering Irish luck or an Irish blessing, contains some form of a traditional Irish saying: “May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.” Or, “Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the Luck of the Irish be there with you.” And the classic Irish blessing, “May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, and until we meet again may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

Little Irish Luck Keyring Mum Saying- this old irish blessing keyring in a polished silver-toned rectangular metal design can be cherished for years. At the top of keyring charm is a circular Claddagh emblem.

A Little Irish Luck Hot Plate Stand- practical and nostalgic, this hot plate stand makes a great cooking and dining accessory.

This line also includes fragrant scented candles to remind you of the scents of Ireland.

Irish Sheep Gifts

Ireland has long been a farming and agricultural economy (though much less so today with so many multinational corporations housing their European headquarters in Dublin), and the sheep has come to be nearly as identifiable to the symbology of Ireland as the shamrock or the harp. Wool sweaters, Donegal tweed, and woolen Irish flat caps all signify the style of the country. And it’s with this inspiration that Shamrock Gift Company offers several lines of sheep-themed souvenirs and gifts. Our Wooley Jumper line features a classic black and white sheep with a shamrock painted on its haunches. Always smiling, this little guy looks like he can’t wait to help you accomplish anything. With a line of notebooks, shot glasses, kitchen apparel, key chains and more, you can take jumping Wooley wherever you go.

Wacky Woolies Accessories

The colorful Wacky Woollies line also features cartoon sheep, but adds a pop of color to each one, similar to how Irish farmers often paint their flock to distinguish them from their neighbors’. In bold green, red, blue, and orange, these sheep are perfect no matter your mood.

Wacky Woollies Kids Water Bottle- great travel accessory for little ones, as it includes an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn over the shoulder for transport and a pop-up.

Wacky Woollies Pencil Case- this sweet PVC pencil case features all of Wacky Woollies' quirky, colorful sheep named for their personalities.

Wacky Woollies Lunch Box- a cheerful and light lunch box that offers a generous size and comes with a sturdy zipper and top handle.

Our illustrators have carefully rendered their faces to show off some of the best moods and emotions like lucky, crazy, cheesy, happy, and comically confused. Whether you’re looking for a pen pouch or neck pillow, these sheep are here for you.

Irish Pewter Gifts

For those looking for a more traditional Irish gift, we also offer a range of pewter and ceramic accessories featuring elements from traditional Irish design, such as the Claddagh, Irish cross, and Celtic knot. Rendered in vibrant colors reminiscent of the Book of Kells, these gifts are sure to be treasured for years to come, whether you’re in the market for a Christmas Tree ornament or a new tea towel or spoon rest for your kitchen.

Shop the complete line of Shamrock Gift today, where standard shipping is always fast and free.

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  1. 5.5" Irish White Lamb with Scarf & Shamrock Patch Soft Toy Out of Stock
  2. Fluffy Sheep Magnet Black Shocked Out of Stock
    Fluffy Sheep Magnet Black Shocked
    As low as $9.95
    Out of stock
  3. Wacky Woolies Bag for Life
    Wacky Woolies Bag for Life
  4. Irish Flag Lapel Pin Out of Stock
    Irish Flag Lapel Pin
    As low as $7.95
    Out of stock
  5. Images of Ireland Playing Cards Out of Stock
    Images of Ireland Playing Cards
    As low as $9.95
    Out of stock
  6. Green Shamrock Lapel Pin
    Green Shamrock Lapel Pin
  7. The Black Sheep Lapel Pin
    The Black Sheep Lapel Pin
  8. Resin Road Sign - Ireland
    Resin Road Sign - Ireland
  9. Irish DieCast Tour Bus 3.5in Out of Stock
    Irish DieCast Tour Bus 3.5in
    As low as $10.95
    Out of stock
  10. Ireland Leprechaun Resin Magnet Montage Out of Stock
    Ireland Leprechaun Resin Magnet Montage
    As low as $10.95
    Out of stock
  11. Wooley Jumpers - Charm Keyring Out of Stock
    Wooley Jumpers - Charm Keyring
    As low as $10.95
    Out of stock

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