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Claddagh Sugar / Condiment Bowl

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  • Our beautiful Claddagh sugar bowl measures 5 inches tall and 3.75 inches across. We recommend washing it by hand.
  • Our sugar bowl is guaranteed to arrive in flawless condition, as it has passed Belleek’s “16 Hands” inspection process.
  • Crafted of cream-colored parian ware, our sturdy and glamorous sugar bowl is embossed with the Claddagh ring motif and a detailed Celtic infinity knot.
  • The central Claddagh design is a testament to Irish legend and symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. 
  • Our sugar bowl makes an ideal engagement or wedding gift, and it is a gorgeous addition to any tea-lover’s set.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

What’s tea without a spot of sugar? Elevate your cuppa with Belleek’s elegant parian Claddagh Sugar Bowl, which is a beautiful accompaniment to Belleek’s Claddagh mugs, pitcher, and creamer (sold separately).

Our sugar bowl stands 5 inches high and has a smooth, dome-shaped lid with a round handle, perfect for keeping sugar—or your dry condiment of choice—fresh while allowing for easy access. Our bowl features the famous Claddagh design of a heart-wearing crown held between two hands. Grouped together, the elements of the Claddagh ring design symbolize eternal love and loyal friendship. The Claddagh ring has been around for over 300 years, and many different stories surround it. Many versions of the Claddagh ring legend center around a Galway man named Richard Joyce who was captured by pirates and eventually sold to a goldsmith, who taught him his craft. Rings with clasped hands had been popular friendship gifts since the Roman era, but Joyce added heart to symbolize love, and the crown to signify loyalty, as he dreamed that his sweetheart would remain loyal to him during the long years of his captivity.

Of course, the Claddagh ring has become so popular since its invention that now the motif adorns not only rings (though it remains a popular engagement ring style for those of Irish ancestry) and other jewelry, but housewares, as well.

To offset the Claddagh design, which is front-and-center on the sugar bowl, an intricate embossed Celtic knot decorates the bottom of the vessel. Like the Claddagh ring, the Celtic knot is an integral part of Irish design and craft history. Celtic knots were used in pre-Christian art, and many of the knots were interconnected, or infinity knots. Infinity Celtic knots are thought to signify the connections between all the natural world, as well as the unending nature of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Though Belleek Pottery is not quite as old as the Claddagh ring or Celtic knots, the company, too, is a key part of Ireland’s artistic heritage, and has been a household name for over 160 years. Founder John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his family’s estate in the town of Belleek in 1849 and wanted to establish an industry that would give back to the area and help the people rebuild the economy after the Famine. A few years later, he founded Belleek Pottery, and began producing tableware and porcelain figurines and ornaments.

Our Claddagh sugar bowl is made from Belleek’s cream parianware, which has been their signature medium since the company began using it in 1863. Because it is worked in liquid form before being poured into molds, parian can take on delicately detailed shapes like Belleek’s classic basketweave pattern or the exquisite faces of figurines. Its malleability makes it similar in appearance to carved Greek marble, which is exactly how parian porcelain got its name (the Greek island of Paros produces a distinct, white marble). Belleek’s parian ware was instantly popular—Queen Victoria herself made large orders of it, and many of the company’s earliest pieces are currently on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Our sugar bowl makes a delightful addition to Belleek’s classic Claddagh mugs and teapot for a perfectly coordinated teatime, but it also pairs wonderfully with any cherished tea set and is sure to become a family heirloom for its elegance.

Product Features We Adore

Celtic Knot Design

A modern update on an ancient Irish pattern

Embossed Claddagh

One of Ireland's best-known symbol beautifully rendered

Smooth Lid

Ideal for keeping the contents fresh and protected

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