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Clover Metal Magnet Friend Claddagh

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  • Claddagh Clover Friend Metal Magnet
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Sometimes, things as simple as magnets can beautifully express how much you care for someone with pieces like this Claddagh Clover Friend Metal Magnet.

This magnet is chrome-plated, exuding an elegant sheen that complements the sentimental message that is displayed in contrasting black, whimsical black lettering: “A friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find but lucky to have.”

Tying in with this meaningful message is a real-life four-leaf clover above against a clear backdrop. Clovers are special variations of the three-leaf shamrock, a good luck symbol and the national Irish flower.

Because the clover is so rare, finding one is considered especially lucky. This clover is encircled by an Irish Claddagh, which features white jewel-accented hands of friendship holding a loyalty-crowned heart of love beset with a green gem matching that in the lower right corner of the magnet.

Make this magnet a sweet gift for a loving, loyal friend in your life.

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