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Set of 2 Claddagh Picture Frames

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  • This beautiful picture frame set comes with four pewter picture frames to comfortably and proudly display your treasured pictures.
  • Each picture frame is embossed with the Claddagh design, emblematic of love, loyalty, and friendship.
  • The dimensions are designed to fit the standard pictures. The frame dimensions are; 9’’ L X 7’’ W, 7’’L X 5’’ W, 6’’L X 4’’ W, and 3’’L X 1.5’’ L
  • The product proudly comes from Ireland from the town of Mullingar, located in the heart of the Irish midlands. 
  • Produced by the best in the industry- Mullingar Pewter, which has revived the Irish pewter industry since being founded in the mid-20th century.


Manufacturer: Mullingar Pewter

Picture captions have, over a century now, been used as a preserve of treasured memories, with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Pictures are a preserve of treasured moments, and finding the best possible way to display them in the house for all to see is how to make such treasured moments vivid. Investing in a beautiful and outstanding picture frame will draw attention to the picture, and will also help preserve the picture from damage. Preserve the best of times with dear family and friends in sizes large and small with this beautiful set of Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Picture Frames! About Mullingar Pewter Mullingar Pewter prides itself as the best in the pewter making industry. They have a reputation for the production of genuine, amazing hand-crafted products that have embraced the Irish Culture and traditions and included them in their products. In operation since 1974, Mullingar Pewter, a visit to their stores will reveal the meticulous assembly, dedication and professional casting skill on display. The team of skilled artisans have created a name for themselves for the pewter products that are outstanding and exquisite in appearance, appreciated all over the world. The set of picture frames are part of the excellent products from Mullingar Pewter, a pride of Ireland. The company promises and delivers on genuine, exquisite products, and the set of picture frames can attest to this. You can buy the set of the picture frame to hang pictures on in your house, but this set can also serve as a perfect gift to your friends and family, to show that you appreciate and care about them. Frame’s details and design Made up of pure, lead-free, and water-resistant pewter, these lustrous frames handcrafted by Mullingar Pewter will adorn your photographs with timeless elegance. Every feature has been taken into detail, and the picture frames will stand-out on display in your house because of how attractive they appear. At the top of each picture frame is the beloved and adored Irish Claddagh, which symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. At the bottom corners of each frame are Celtic Trinity Knots that the Celts used to signify land, sea and the sky and life, death and rebirth. This connection to the vast Irish religion, traditions, and culture gives the frame a deeper Irish touch and is the main reason why the frames are quite popular, not only in Ireland but the world over. The frames design is unique as its inclusion of the Celtic artifacts in its design gives this piece an exceptional and rare Irish connection. The designers delivered on their goal of producing a stand-out set of frames that will be impressive and attractive to everyone who sets their eyes on them. The remarkable frames will make your house to be livelier as they display your most treasured photographs. Every purchase of the set of frames promises genuine, high standard and unique products. Give every room in your home a charming Celtic and Irish touch with this lovely picture frame set! 

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