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Inis Moonlight Bath and Shower Gel

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  • 200ML Bath and Shower Gel


“Magic can be found when one sees a dolphin in the moon’s light.”  Dolphins swimming in the moonlight are said to represent intuition, inspire dreams, and emulate femininity.  Those fortunate enough to have seen this wondrous site have found a way to embody the exquisite moment. Kept safe for eternity, this rare moment will be forever be preserved in the beauty behind Inis’ Moonlight scent.    Slightly less mythical and based slightly more on science, being both a fish and a mammal, both of the water and an air breather, dolphins represent a one in two worlds, a formation of the underlying concept of yin and yang.   Opposing the refreshing, invigorating scent of Inis’ Energy of the sea, the Inis Moonlight Collection is warm, deep, and mesmerizing.  Drenched in a splash of mandarin, hidden within a soft floral wave of peach and jasmine which add warmth, with a tranquil trace of woody orris and musk, the Inis Moonlight Collection is as elusive as it is enticing.   The 7 fl. Oz, 200ML Inis Moonlight bath and shower gel is infused with black pearl extracts. Like the sea, our skin can be harsh and unforgiving. Black pearl extracts add extra moisture to the seductive scent of this foaming cleanser, adding suppleness to the skin. Use the Moonlight bath and shower gel to give your body a vital, radiant, and smooth appearance. Give your skin a moonlight shine.   Take back the night in a Siren’s scent.  Make an impact of mythical proportions.   Be, “….Where the moonlight whispers the Ocean’s Dreams.”

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