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Irish Blessing Gift Box

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  • Made by Belleek Pottery, one of Ireland’s most popular makers of giftware and fine china, our gift boxes are all made completely by hand.
  • Each Irish Blessing Gift Box is 3” in diameter and 1.5” tall. It is the perfect size to hold a special treasure near and dear to your heart.
  • Featuring a beloved traditional Irish blessing hand-painted on the lid, these gift boxes are truly an iconic piece that will be treasured for years to come.
  • You will immediately notice the 24-carat gold lettering and Trinity Knot details located throughout the gift box, adding a rare feature to this already amazing box.
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Manufacturer: Belleek China

An ideal gift to show someone in your life your appreciation, our beautiful Irish Blessing Gift Box is an exquisite piece from Belleek Pottery’s renowned giftware collection. Whether you order this as a wedding present, birthday gift, anniversary gift, or graduation present, this incredibly detailed gift box will surely bring a bit of Irish joy to the recipient’s eye.
Crafted from Belleek Pottery’s finest Irish porcelain sourced directly from the banks of the River Erne, our Irish Blessing Gift Box features 24 karat gold accents on the lid lettering and a trinity knot design on the base. The box itself is 3” in diameter and stands at 1.5” tall and is dripping with beautiful Irish imagery. What is most gripping about this piece though is the verbiage delicately painted across the lid. The words appear in a verdant green and include 24-karat gold letters at the beginning of each line. Nestled beneath the inscription is a familiar Irish setting: A man walking his dog along a quaint country road, rock walls and cottages set in the background. Lining the main body of our Irish Blessing Gift Box is the familiar Trinity Knot design, which has been used by the Celts extending far into ancient times. Pre-Christian Celts used the Trinity Knot as a symbol of the interconnectedness of life, the earth, and the universe, and it was an important religious symbol for generations. After the arrival of St. Patrick in 431 AD, the Trinity Knot became a popular symbol of the Christian holy trinity, symbolizing the three-in-one nature of the father, son, and holy spirit. The Trinity Knot can be found throughout Ireland and regularly appears as an important symbol of national identity. The knots appearing on our gift box are painted in 24-karat gold, adding the perfect finishing touch to this wonderful piece that will make a perfect addition to any dresser, shelf, or special place in your home.
Our Irish Blessing Gift Box is entirely hand-painted and includes one of Ireland’s oldest and most well-known blessings:
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the rain fall soft upon your fields
and the sun shine warm on your face
until we meet again.
Belleek Pottery is Ireland’s oldest and most treasured fine china and giftware companies. Founded in 1857, the company quickly established itself as a national treasure and was revered by Irish and British nobility for its beautifully handcrafted pieces and fanatical dedication to quality and artistry. That reputation has remained with the company for nearly two centuries and today customers across the globe enjoy numerous Belleek Pottery items for daily use in their homes or special occasions with family and friends. Each piece created at Belleek, including our Irish Blessing Gift Box, passes through the hands of over a dozen specially trained artisans who each add their own unique touch to every item shipped. There is no other Irish Blessing Gift Box like the one you will receive, and the artist’s initials are delicately inscribed on the piece so you know exactly who helped make this beautiful item for you. The porcelain used by Belleek is renowned for its sculptural-like qualities that resemble the beautiful white marble found on the Greek island of Paros, after which fine china takes its name.
Our Irish Blessing Gift Boxes are one of our most popular items offered through our online store, so we strongly encourage you to order yours today! With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, you’ll get your Irish Blessing Gift Box just in time to give as a gift for the special Irish person in your life.

Product Features We Adore

24 Karat Gold Accents

Bring elegant focus to the box's design elements

Hand Embossed

Beautiful raised circle and Trinity motifs

Irish Country Scene

A traditional Irish country road brings meaning to the blessing

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