Robert Emmet Company

Shamrock Resin Cribbage Set

Was: $64.45
Now: $45.90


■ Durable Resin: Made of Resin, this Irish Cribbage Set is scratch-resistant, durable and mold-free, lasting for many years. 

■ Scrimshaw Styled Shamrock Design: Modeled after carvings popular among Atlantic merchants, the shamrock is represented beautifully on the front center of the Cribbage Set. 

■ Secret Compartment: This shamrock medallion also covers a secret compartment to hold the Cribbage Pegs, the lid being affixed with a strong magnet. 

■ Perfect Irish Gift: Our Cribbage Set comes in a wonderful gift box and is an excellent present for any lover of Irish culture. 


This beautiful Shamrock Cribbage Set is made by the Robert Emmet Company of a durable resin that will last for years and years of game play. The board is decorated with a scrimshaw style design, modeled after carvings in ivory or bone that were once popular among Atlantic merchants and whalers.

The top of the board contains a Shamrock medallion that covers a secret compartment to hold the cribbage pegs. The lid is affixed with a secure magnet. The shamrock has long been associated with Ireland and Irish history. It is thought that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the pre-Christian Irish about the Holy Trinity in the 5th century. Since then, it has been a symbol of Irish culture.

Founded in New Bedford, MA in 1987, The Robert Emmet Company is a family owned and operated Irish gift manufacturer dedicated to bringing the best of American craftsmanship to traditional and contemporary Irish design. Specializing in brass décor, glassware, and jewelry, the Robert Emmet Company creates high quality, American-made gifts for all special occasions.

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