Royal Tara

Traditional Irish Stained Glass Wall Art Set


■ The set consists of three window hanging panels made of stained glass, a durable and sturdy material that lasts generations and is colorful, shiny, and timeless in appearance. 
■ This exquisite set features three culturally-inspired pieces: a “Slainte” inscription, an authentic “Failte” greeting, and an Irish Blessing inspired by an antique Celtic prayer.
■ The “Slainte” phrase is used as a wish for good health, the “Failte” greeting is a welcoming phrase, and the Blessing is used to wish someone good luck in life. 
■ The Irish “Failte” greeting features a beautiful shamrock pattern, the “Slainte” roundel has golden Celtic knots, and the panel with the Blessing is framed by Celtic motifs.
■ Each of the panels measures 6.29” and comes with hooks, ready to decorate your house and show off your heritage and Irish pride. 

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This lovely Irish Greetings set of hanging plaques features three culturally-inspired wall-hanging panels. Authentically crafted of stained glass, a sturdy and durable material, the panels guarantee long-lasting use. Additionally, they are colorful and timeless in appearance, being hand-colored with a multitude of color hues that create a vivid and radiant design with incredible visual effects when exposed to sunlight. The roundel features the traditional Irish Gaelic “Slainte” expression, mostly used during drinking toasts to express “good health”. The panel is also decorated with a pattern of intricate golden Celtic Knotworks which represent the interconnectivity of the world. The “Failte” panel features the popular Irish Gaelic phrase “Failte”, which is used to cheerfully welcome visitors and tourists. Shamrock patterns add a plus of cultural significance to the piece, being reminiscent of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who explained the concept of the Holy Trinity to pagan people. Last but not least, the rectangular panel has an Irish Blessing framed by a Celtic Knot design. This blessing is a beautiful way to wish someone a happy life and welcome visitors to your home. Each panel has a hook, allowing the home decorations to be hung in various places, from windows to indoor walls.