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Set of Four Mini Bud Vases

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  • This lovely porcelain set of four mini vases from Belleek Pottery is a beautiful showcase of Irish pride and wonderful design.
  • Known as Queen Victoria's favorite china company, Belleek was founded in 1849 in County Fermanagh, and it has been creating exquisite pieces of china pottery ever since. 
  • This mini vase set includes a Mini Connemara Vase, Mini Colleen Vase, Mini Footed Vase, and a Mini Square Vase. 
  • All of the vases feature ornate embossed patterns and hand-painted shamrock flowers, with each vase crafted in its own distinct shape that includes a unique brim pattern finish. 
  • This vase set makes a fantastic gift for a housewarming party, birthday, or holiday.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

This set of four mini bud vases from Belleek China are a beautiful way to display your Irish heritage in the home, and keep a bit of floral color all year round. Each vase measures 4 in tall, perfect for a single flower bud to accent the dining room table, coffee table, mantle, or dresser. The versatile set can be displayed together or separately, to bring unity to every room of the house.

Each vase is different, but finished with Belleek’s signature hand-painted shamrock detailing, creating a unified set. The Mini Connemara Vase, Mini Colleen Vase, Mini Footed Vase, and a Mini Square Vase are all included in the set, offering a panoply of Irish themes and imagery for the home. Two of the vases additionally showcase Belleek’s signature basket weave ceramic design, an embossed motif that draws directly from the home-made baskets commonly found throughout Ireland over the centuries. A third vase features a tulip motif, embossed with the designs of wildflowers and finished with scalloped edges at the top, a reference to Ireland’s diverse flora. The fourth vase is in the shape of a castle round tower, which define the Irish medieval landscape. The tower was both a lookout post and a hold fast in case of attack, but here, it is lovingly rendered to provide shelter for any flower you wish to display.

Belleek was founded in 1849 in County Fermanagh and has applied the same rigorous craftsmanship to everything they have produced since. The roots of the company begin in the Great Hunger, when many Irish were want for work and food. As a way to help the local population, Belleek offered jobs and money to struggling farmers to help craft exquisite china and within a few short years, the company had become a favorite of the royal family and was reportedly Queen Victoria’s favorite china company. One of the company’s early pieces, a richly detailed serving tray, is even housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Today, all Belleek china is still hand cast in Fermanagh, and finished by one of Belleek’s master painters to give it an extra level of refinement. The vases are made of fine parian china, renowned for its ability to mimic the white marble of the Greek island of Paros, from where the form gets its name. Parian marble was used throughout classical antiquity for sculpture, but the time consuming sculpting process made it unfeasible for smaller-scale items like vases and dinnerware. Thus, the introduction of parian porcelain to increase manufacturing demands while not losing any of the beauty of the original.

The shamrock motif on each of the vases is a reference to the ancient Irish catholic shamrock, which St. Patrick is said to have used to teach pagan Ireland about the holy trinity, three leaves connected to a single stem, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as manifestations of the Christian god. Shamrocks grow abundantly in Ireland, and since the time of St. Patrick have symbolized the country domestically and abroad.

These vases draw on all aspects of Irish history, from medieval fortresses to its devout Catholicism, to the natural beauty of the landscape and are an ideal addition to any home.

Product Features We Adore

Hand-Painted Shamrock

Fine and unique detailing in a classically Irish motif

Compact Size

Perfect for single flower buds or other small displays of beauty

Parian China

Featuring basket weave design, stonework imitation, and scalloped finishes

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