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The Shamrock Gift Company has one of the biggest, most innovative ranges of Irish souvenir gifts in all of Ireland. Browse through their many fun, quirky offerings from lines like Wacky Woollies, Wooley Jumpers, A Little Irish Luck, and the Black Sheep.

Extensive Collection of Irish Souvenirs Online

Whatever you’re in the market for — a keychain, a backpack, an umbrella, a cooking apron, or even some Irish chocolate — you’ve come to the right place! The running thread between all the souvenirs here (no matter how random) is that they all adhere to the same high standard and great quality that Shamrock Gift Company prides itself on.

A myriad of mugs, ornaments, keyrings, and more beautifully features the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland.

Pewter Shamrock Candle Holder- make your home warm with this exquisite candle holder- a vanilla-scented beeswax candle that exudes a mesmerizing scent.

Classic Green Shamrock Pvc Bottle Opener- this practical and festive piece features a green animated shamrock made out of PVC that displays ‘Luck of the Irish. You can store this magnet bottle opener on your refrigerator door making it convenient.
Himself/ Herself Twin Mug Pack- this cute mug set comes in crisp white and features an embossed design that displays the word "himself" or "herself along with beautiful shamrock detailing.
Celtic Shamrock Mug and Spoon Set- enjoy your morning coffee with this Irish designed mug and spoon set made of Ceramic.
Lucky Irish Charm 3 Shamrocks Keyring- keep track of your keys with this colorful keyring featuring four metal charms: three green shamrocks labeled ‘Ireland’ across and an ‘IRELAND’ charm with bold block lettering.
The shamrock has a significant history with the Irish nation that makes it a symbol of deep meaning and much more than a good luck charm. Ancient Celts revered the flower not only because its three heart-shaped leaves reflected the sanctity of the number three in Celtic culture, but also because they believed that the shamrock could ward off bad spirits and cure illnesses. When Ireland was under oppressive British rule during the 19th century, British monarch Queen Victoria outlawed the wearing of shamrock flowers in an effort to crush Irish rebellion. This law, however, only fueled the Irish, driving them to make the shamrock an even greater symbol of strength for their country. Ireland has deep-rooted Celtic origins that the Irish still honors to this very day with Celtic artwork displayed in all kinds of items like drinking ware, dining ware, and more that show off beautifully replicated Celtic symbols.

Intricate Celtic Knot Gifts

Common Celtic symbols include Celtic Knots, which feature intricate and infinite loops, curves, and elaborate patterns that symbolize the eternal love that ancient Celts shared with loved ones. Celtic Knot variations like the Trinity Knot had a variety of meanings in Celtic life, as its three corners and three infinite loops signified the number three, which was sacred to Celts. Lovely items like candle holders also feature ornate renditions of the Celtic Cross. The four limbs of the Celtic Cross were commonly used to symbolize four-part systems in Celtic life, like the four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. The signature halo of the cross symbolized unification and wholeness.

Traditional Irish Harp Gifts

Another beloved symbol of the Emerald Isle is the Irish harp. The history of the Irish harp actually goes back at least 1,000 years to Celtic civilization, and it was also known as the Gaelic harp. The harp was revered in Celtic culture as an instrument that was played to accompany the singing of psalms and recitations of poetry. Today, the Irish harp is seen in many places in Irish life such as coins and the presidential seal. It is wonderfully recreated among fine Shamrock Gift Company items like festive shot glasses or decorations:
Shot Glass Harp Shamrock- express your Irish pride with this Harp Shamrock Shot Glass featuring on the front the Irish harp that is surrounded by an elegant array of delicate shamrock flowers.
Ireland Shot Glass with Badge - Celtic Harp- this clear shot glass coming with a plated silver-tone badge featuring the Irish Harp and Ireland Lettering
Irish at Heart Decorations - Harp- this dainty Celtic harp trinket is connected to the ring-shaped ornament by a small but sturdy link chain featuring etched “Merry Christmas from Ireland” lettering for more Irish chair.

Classic Claddagh Gifts

One celebrated icon of Irish history that has been embraced throughout the world as a universal symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship is the Claddagh emblem. The Claddagh emblem came from the fishing village named Claddagh in Galway, Ireland in the 17th century. One legend claims that an Irishman by the name of Richard Joyce created the first Claddagh in a ring design to honor his beloved who faithfully waited for his return to Ireland after being held in captivity for several years in a distant land. The Claddagh consists of two hands representing friendship, and they unite to hold a heart signifying love. On top of the heart is a crown symbolizing loyalty.

Though these Shamrock Gift Company souvenirs are created with exquisite designs and festive flair, they are also rich with tremendous meaning, history, and Irish pride!

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    Titanic Miniature Replica Ship Model
    As low as $19.95
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