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Shop a selection of Old Bushmills brand souvenirs and gifts from From Bushmills shot glasses and coasters to key chains and baubles and ornaments, our range of Bushmills original presents is perfect for the whiskey lover in your home. 

The History of Bushmills Whiskey

Old Bushmills Irish whiskey is one of Ireland’s best-loved whiskey brands, renowned for its smooth taste and historic legacy. For the Irish whiskey connoisseur, Bushmills stands out, so why not reward a love of whiskey with a few memorabilia? But just as well, regardless of one’s taste for whiskey, the Bushmills company has come to embody some of the best features of Irish history and heritage — its long lineage, its devotion to quality, and its unparalleled Irish taste. Bushmills is the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, with a history that dates back to 1608 when King James I granted a license to Sir Thomas Phillips to distill whiskey in the area of the River Bush in County Antrim in what is today Northern Ireland. Whiskey has been distilled in the area since at least the 13th century, when an Irish general supposedly held a drinking session before going into battle with his troops. Bushmills itself was not officially founded until 1784, and the Old Bushmills Distillery building was constructed in 1885 and has been making Bushmills ever since. Today, Bushmills is a popular tourist attraction, with guided tours and tasting sessions available at the old distillery building. The distillery itself is not actually located on the River Bush, but on a tributary called Saint Columb’s Rill. The distillery has a novelty railroad as well, taking visitors to and from the Giants Causeway, located just two miles away on the Atlantic coast. The Bushmills distillery sees over 100,000 visitors annually. The tradition of distilling whiskey in Ireland dates back to the 11th century, when monks would distill wheat, barley, and other grains into a mash and let it ferment to become whiskey. The word whiskey itself actually comes from the Irish language word for water, which once lent its name to a nickname of the spirit, uisce beatha, meaning water of life, similar to the Italian phrase aqua vitae, often used to connote wine. One of the original three large distilleries in Ireland, in addition to Jameson and Powers, Bushmills has come to represent Irish whiskey to the world.

Shop Official Bushmills Merchandise

Take some of that branding home with you or give the gift of Ireland’s great beverage history to a lover of their heritage. Bushmills makes a wide array of souvenirs and gifts. sells Bushmills shot glasses, Bushmills coasters, a Bushmills flask, and, for the lovers of a good game, even a set of Bushmills playing cards. 

Trademark Bushmills Shot Glasses

There is no home bar without having some gorgeous shot glasses. Enjoy your next shot of whiskey in a piece that celebrates iconic Irish whiskey like our Bushmills Shot Glasses:

  • Bushmills Logo Pewter Shot Glass- this glass comes in a classic cylindrical shot glass silhouette, and it is designed with a thick, heavy bottom for stability.

  • Bushmills Pewter Shot Glass- this shot glass comes with a pewter emblem bearing the logo of Bushmills whiskey, complete with the signature image of the Old Bushmills Distillery at the top.

  • Bushmills 3Pk Shot Glass- these 3 glasses pay tribute to the iconic Bushmills distillery each featuring famous Bushmills Labels.

Official Bushmills Whiskey Glasses

The best way to enjoy your favorite whiskey is to consume from an authentic whiskey glass. Here at Shamrock Gift, you will find the appropriate whiskey glass you need. Whether you want to enjoy your beloved drink at home or to have it while traveling you will find the suitable options for you:

  • Bushmills Logo Pewter Whiskey Glass- a classic addition to your home bar that will stand out. This compact shot glass is designed with a subtly flared brim and a thick, heavy bottom surface that lends a nice, weighted feel when held in the hand.

  • Bushmills Pewter Whiskey Glass- this shot glass comes in a unique flared silhouette finished with an emblem on the front made of pewter. 

  • Bushmills Large Purse Flask- this large purse flask is made of silver that features a polished finish on the top half of the front, which displays the logo of Bushmills Irish Whiskey- ideal for travel.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home bar, a Bushmills tea towel or Bushmills bar towel is a great addition to any setup. And for easy clean-up, a Bushmills bar mat is a good way to keep your glasses organized and your spills contained when you’re mixing drinks and entertaining a lively party. 

Irish Bushmills Signs

For those looking to add some décor to a room, there is also a selection of Bushmills metal sign paintings in both vintage and modern looks. 

  • Bushmills Metal Sign Painting- the distillery features against the Irish countryside in beautiful blues and greens in this vintage-inspired “Old Bushmills” sign.

  • Bushmills Metal Sign-  with a modern feel this sign features the classic Bushmills pot still logo in white against a black background with gold accents in Bushmill’s trademark logo.

  • Bushmills Epoxy Magnet Label- bring some modern antique Irish charm with this magnet label featuring the Bushmills in its classic gold and white color scheme against a sleek black background.

Official Bushmills Ceramic Mugs

There is also a small line of Bushmills tableware like mugs and jugs, including a clever Bushmills mug shaped like a whiskey barrel, inspired by the original aging method that gives the whiskey its unique flavor.

Shop the whole Bushmills Whiskey Merchandise now at

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  1. Bushmills Metal Sign
    Bushmills Metal Sign
  2. Bushmills Logo Pewter Whiskey Glass Out of Stock
    Bushmills Logo Pewter Whiskey Glass
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  3. Bushmills Barrel Puzzle
    Bushmills Barrel Puzzle
  4. Bushmills Pewter Shot Glass
    Bushmills Pewter Shot Glass
  5. Bushmills Wallet
    Bushmills Wallet
  6. Bushmills Cotton Towel Label
  7. Bushmills Hi-Ball Glass Set
    Bushmills Hi-Ball Glass Set
  8. Bushmills Pouring Spoon
    Bushmills Pouring Spoon
  9. Bushmills 3Pk Shot Glass
    Bushmills 3Pk Shot Glass
  10. Bushmills Coasters
    Bushmills Coasters
  11. Bushmills Spoon Out of Stock
    Bushmills Spoon
    As low as $11.99
    Out of stock
  12. Bushmills Bottle Keyring
    Bushmills Bottle Keyring
  13. Bushmills Playing Cards Out of Stock
    Bushmills Playing Cards
    As low as $9.99
    Out of stock
  14. Bushmills Large Purse Flask
    Bushmills Large Purse Flask

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