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When we think about Ireland and all of the things that we associate with it, it’s rarely long before we arrive at one of the country’s most important and delightful figures: the leprechaun. Full of mischief and fun, this creature has sprung right out of the folktales and into our hearts, appearing as a symbol of Irish charm all over the world. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one particular leprechaun who’s made himself right at home at

Who Is McMurfy the Irish Leprechaun?

McMurfy our personal Irish ambassador for all the shenanigans you could ever imagine! Like all leprechauns, McMurfy is a very handsome fellow. Short in stature, he has a plump little belly, a bulbous nose, and round ears that stick out beneath the bulk of his gold-buckled hat. Keeping true to the color scheme of his family, McMurfy favors a lovely, forest green top hat, and enjoys the same shade on his suit jacket. Green is, after all, the national color of Ireland -- and McMurfy is very proud of where he’s from! The rest of McMurfy’s dapper outfit is made up of a checked waistcoat, a pair of neat red slacks, and, of course, some very shiny homemade shoes. With his kind blue eyes and bright ginger hair, he looks every bit the perfect Irish gentleman. For hundreds of years, McMurfy and his extended family have been mainstays of the world of Irish storytelling. Said to be descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient race of supernatural beings who first brought magic to Ireland, they are nonetheless considered to be a different kind of fairy to the Good People or the mystical gentry.

McMurfy Irish Leprechaun Gift Collection

Unlike the Good People, the leprechaun is mostly encountered on his own, rather than in a large group -- and we can attest to this! While McMurfy is a very popular guy, one of his favorite things to do is spend time on his own, hard at work on the common leprechaun trade: shoe-making! Bring any piece from our beloved line of McMurfy products into your family home, and you’ll bring with it a touch of McMurfy’s special leprechaun magic: everything's better with a little fairy fun.

McMurfy Leprechaun Mugs

Choose from everything from coasters to kitchenware, to one of our charming mugs -- we’ve even got one that features Toby, another leprechaun and good friend of McMurfy, who stops by every once in a while to say hello.
McMurfy Leprechaun Head Mug- warm up your mornings with this creatively designed mug in the shape of leprechauns head, featuring his face with his signature red hair and red beard, friendly eyes, warm smile, and rosy cheeks.
McMurfy Leprechaun Tulip Mug- this cheerful mug is designed in a tulip shape featuring the well known for us McMurfy Leprechaun. Made of ceramic.
Leprechaun Toby Mug- this colorful mug features the face of an animated leprechaun( Toby) that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.
McMurfy Leprechaun Mug&Spoon- this mug and spoon set is made of elegant white ceramic, and beautifully featured the McMurfy Irish leprechaun in a vivid country scene.

McMurfy Irish Leprechaun Accessories

Alternatively, treat a member of your family or dear friend to an exceptionally Irish treat with a McMurfy leprechaun gift.
McMurfy Leprechaun Bookmark- surprise the bookworm in your life with a bookmark, featuring a funky fairy charm.
McMurfy-print travel pillow- help your favorite jetsetter take the Emerald Isle with them wherever they go with the help of this cozy pillow.
McMurfy Leprechaun Notebook & Pen Set- for those who love to note everything that happen to them gift this set. The spiral notebook and pen feature an animated leprechaun motif.

Leprechaun Keyrings

Want to give the gift of McMurfy to a loved one, but aren’t sure what they’d like best? Keep things simple with our broad range of McMurfy keyrings, featuring charms that include the man himself, his magical crock of gold, lucky shamrock symbols, and much, much more!

Now that you’ve met McMurfy, there’s no doubt that you’ve gained a friend who’ll always be there to bring a smile to your face when you’re feeling down. Funny, kind, and always ready for a new adventure, he is a larger-than-life kind of fellow who you’ll always want nearby no matter what kind of day you’re having! Shop our huge range of McMurfy Irish leprechaun merchandise, and bring this beloved jokester into your world today.

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  1. McMurfy Leprechaun Head Mug
    McMurfy Leprechaun Head Mug
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    McMurfy Leprechaun Tulip Mug
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  3. McMurfy Leprechaun Soft Toy
    McMurfy Leprechaun Soft Toy
  4. McMurfy Leprechaun Bookmark
    McMurfy Leprechaun Bookmark
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    McMurfy Leprechaun Spinning Keyring Crock
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