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Shamrock Gift’s incredible line of Irish accessories and Celtic accouterments covers just about everything you can shake a shillelagh at. Our collection of Shamrock Gift accessories includes coasters, candles, and candle holders, towels, pot holders, key chains, mugs, umbrellas, shot glasses, backpacks and more. But the one thing they all have in common is high-quality construction and thoughtful and fun Irish design.

Shamrock Gift Irish Gifts for Home

For the home, we offer Celtic themed mugs, glasses, and shot glasses, as well a selection of Irish tea towels:
Himself/ Herself Twin Mug Pack- this charming mug set comes in crisp white and features an embossed design that displays the word "himself" or "herself along with beautiful shamrock detailing.
Trinity Knot Irish Shot Glass - Set of Two- this gorgeous set of two Trinity Knot shot glasses is the perfect Irish touch when having a drink with friends.
White Sheep Tea Towel- this 100% cotton made tea towel features two leapings, shamrock-accented sheep on opposite sides.
Irish Coffee Glasses - 2 Pack- these glasses come in a classic Irish coffee glass shape, complete with a long body, sleek handle, elegantly shamrock design.

All the designs are inspired by ancient Celtic artwork and include a range of Celtic knots, spirals, and animal figures. The Celtic knot, the most common form of Irish artwork and most recognizable, signifies the interconnectivity of all things in the universe and the eternal nature of life with its never-ending circularity. Even though your coffee might be finite, the mugs and magnets let you know that there’s always more to be found somewhere. Irish blessings are among the most popular sayings for their ability to uplift and comfort.

Irish Blessing Gifts and Accessories

We offer a wide selection of Irish blessing accessories from coasters to magnets and keychains. With origins in the ancient seanachie, or storyteller, who would travel the country and recite poems and compose blessings for paying nobility. The seanachie word was thought to be both sacred and prophetic, so it was always best to stay on the poet’s good side, because as valuable as their blessings were, just as detrimental could be their curses. Words have always held a mystical power in Ireland, also known as the land of saints and scholars, so it’s no surprise that Irish blessings maintain their popular appeal.

Wacky Woolies Ireland Accessories

Also available for the children is an original line of Wacky Woolie accessories. The Wacky Woolie line features whimsical cartoon sheep in various colors that add a sense of whimsy to any children’s item like backpacks, lunch boxes, key chains, and pencil holders:
Wacky Woollies Umbrella- this cheerful and colorful umbrella from Wacky Woollies will attract glances and win smiles everywhere you go.
Wacky Woollies Beach Towel- this vibrant and charming towel comes in a super-soft, absorbent cotton that feels great to touch.
Wacky Woollies Coaster Pack- this playful cork-backed 6-coaster pack from Wacky Woollies is the perfect thing to strike a playful mood while enjoying your lunch or dinner.
Wacky Woollies Lunch Box- add some extra Irish flair with this box's bright green design with printed shamrocks

They are perfect for livening up a kid’s day and making them the talk of the classroom. In Ireland, there are nearly as many sheep as people, so it’s no surprise that the creatures have become a serviceable stand-in for the country as a whole. Plus, fabrics like Donegal tweed have jumped into the mainstream, making Irish wool even more popular. Start your child early on their journey to appreciating Irish textile history and fashion.

Irish Soft Toys

Also for the kids, we have a collection of plush and comfy stuffed toys in a range of designs, such as a leprechaun, teddy bears, and, of course, sheep. Additionally, we have a huge selection of fun leprechaun accessories perfect for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. And, if you live in a rainier part of the world, you can show your Irish pride with a Shamrock Gift Ireland umbrella wherever you go, available in green or black and complete with a graphic shamrock logo.

Official Titanic Souvenirs

We also offer a unique selection of Titanic memorabilia and gifts. The Titanic, which was constructed in Belfast and made its last stop in Cobh, in the Republic of Ireland, has always loomed large in the public consciousness for the tragedy of its story. It is inexorably linked to the history of Ireland. You can pay tribute to that history with a range of Titanic accessories, such as a Titanic magnet, Titanic bell, and even keychains, all featuring vintage advertisements for the greatest ship ever built.
For fans of the film Titanic, we even offer a replica of the iconic Heart of the Ocean necklace featured in the Oscar-winning epic.

Add one to your home when you shop our unique Shamrock Gift accessories.

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  1. Wacky Woollies Kitchen Apron
  2. Trinity Knot Irish Shot Glass - Set of Two Out of Stock
    Trinity Knot Irish Shot Glass - Set of Two
    As low as $14.99
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  3. Ireland Golf Umbrella
    Ireland Golf Umbrella
  4. Irish Sheep Charm Keyring Out of Stock
    Irish Sheep Charm Keyring
    As low as $12.95
    Out of stock
  5. Shamrock Ireland Shot Glass - Set of Two Out of Stock
    Shamrock Ireland Shot Glass - Set of Two
    As low as $15.99
    Out of stock
  6. Frosted Ireland Shot Glasses - 3 Pack Out of Stock
    Frosted Ireland Shot Glasses - 3 Pack
    As low as $12.95
    Out of stock
  7. Wacky Woollies Water Bottle
    Wacky Woollies Water Bottle
  8. Ireland Travel Mug
    Ireland Travel Mug
  9. Irish Coffee Glasses - 2 Pack Out of Stock
    Irish Coffee Glasses - 2 Pack
    As low as $27.45
    Out of stock
  10. Irish Coaster Set of 4 - May the Road Rise To Meet You Out of Stock
  11. 5.5" Irish White Lamb with Scarf & Shamrock Patch Soft Toy Out of Stock

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