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In the English language, the term “black sheep” is often used to describe a member of a group that is considered odd or unusual by the standards of the rest -- someone who, in short, marches to the beat of their own drum, and proudly so. Originally, this term comes from a genetic phenomenon among sheep, in which a recessive gene occasionally turns up in the birth of a lamb with jet black wool, rather than the more common white. Certainly, these unique young sheep were always destined to stand out from the rest of the flock!

The Black Sheep Irish Collection

As the name of the brand implies, every product in’s Black Sheep range is guaranteed to grab the attention, too. This fun and functional line include everything from kitchenware to everyday essentials for when you’re on the go. Despite this broad variety of items, every single one has two things proudly in common: top-notch quality craftsmanship and boatloads of Irish charm!

Irish Black Sheep Kitchenware

Add a splash of Irish flair to your kitchen decor with a cute piece from our Black SHeep range.
Black Sheep Tea Towel- Made of 100% cotton, this absorbent towel features a cute black and white sheep with a shamrock patch.
The Black Sheep Salt and Pepper Set- bring some fun to every mealtime with a quirky pair of ceramic black-and-white sheep salt and pepper dispensers.
Black/White Sheep Tea Bag Holder- this tea bag is made of high-quality white ceramic and is beautifully designed in the shape of a classic teapot.
The Black Sheep Porcelain Mug- stand out in a crowd with this porcelain mug decorated with a crowd of inquisitive looking, white-bodied sheep and Ireland lettering.

The Black Sheep Irish Accessories

If it’s a gift for a loved one you’re after, look no further -- whether your lucky recipients is more into funky and convenient keyrings that bring a touch of fun to their everyday routine, the Black Sheep range is guaranteed to deliver.
Black Sheep and Green Shamrock Keyring- a fun Irish accessory, this metal keychain feature a classic Irish emblem alongside the cutest of black sheep.
The Black Sheep - Small Water Globe- our Shepley water globe makes a great accessory for any desk, shelf or windowsill.
The Black Sheep Umbrella- this fun black and white umbrella from our collection is a great way to brighten up any sad or rainy day.

What is the meaning of Irish sheep in history?

For many centuries, sheep have played an important role in Irish culture, and the Black Sheep range does a fantastic job of paying homage to the sweetness of this much-loved creature. In ancient Ireland, sheep were kept all over the country, by people of every class. While their meat was often used for sustenance, more prized by the masses was their soft, adaptable wool, which helped many a family survive the long, damp winters. Sheep were so common that they were constantly mentioned in the Brehon Laws, the main body of ancient Irish rulings, and were popular subjects for poetry and songs. Today in Ireland, the tradition of sheep-rearing continues with gusto; so much so that it’s said by many that the woolly population far outnumbers the human one!

Because of this, a token from the Black Sheep collection is an excellent way to impart a little bit of Irish magic when choosing a gift for a family member or friend, be it for Christmas, a birthday, or just because. It’s also a wonderful way to express how much their unique personality and gusto for life mean to you. Alternatively, pick up a Black Sheep tool or decor piece for yourself: there’s no better way to tell the world loud and clear that you’ll always have faith in your authentic self!

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    The Black Sheep Porcelain Mug
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  3. The Black Sheep Lapel Pin
    The Black Sheep Lapel Pin
  4. Irish Black Face Sheep
    Irish Black Face Sheep
  5. The Black Sheep Umbrella
    The Black Sheep Umbrella
  6. The Black Sheep Keyring
    The Black Sheep Keyring

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