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Wacky Woollies’ eclectic range of towels, keychains, mugs, umbrellas, shot glasses, aprons, coin purses, snow globes and wristwatches are as fun and colorful as they are well-made. Filled with wacky Irish charm!

Shamrock Gift’s Wacky Woolies Collection

This vast collection of items features all of the memorable characters of the Wacky Woollies clan in eye-catching and animated color and design. All of these zany Wacky Woollies members are actually sheep, which are a dearly beloved part of Ireland that add special character and beauty to the landscape of the Emerald Isle. Millions of sheep peacefully roam and live on the lush hills and countryside of Ireland. Many often say in jest that there are so many of them that they outnumber the people in the island nation! These Wacky Woollies sheep each have their own personalities and come in exciting varieties of colors and patterns that any child will love.

Wacky Woolies Sheep Characters

Some of the members of the bunch include Angry, the red sheep with steam fuming out of his ears, Trippy, the cross-eyed sheep with multi-colored zigzag wool, Sad, the blue melancholy sheep with a rain cloud hovering over his head, Confused, the purple sheep with question marks looming over his head, Lucky, the green sheep surrounded by lucky horseshoes, Happy, the yellow sheep, Cheesy, the orange sheep with yellow flowers on his wool, Sleepy, the blue and white striped dormant sheep, and Chatty, the pink sheep yapping on the phone held to his ear. These funny and amusing Wacky Woollies characters are featured on everything from toys and games to school supplies and travel accessories.

Wacky Woolies Children Gifts and Toys

Kids can have hours of fun with the Wacky Woollies Beanie Ball, which is small enough to take anywhere.
Wacky Woolies Soft Toys- we have available a variety of soft stuffed Wacky Woollies sheep in green and pink, making perfect gifts for small children like babies and toddlers.
Wacky Woollies Playing Card Set- perfect items that can provide great fun for your children
Wacky Woollies Activity Pack- this activity pack includes crayons, stickers, and illustrations for kids to color.

Wacky Woolies School Accessories

Kids who want to take the Wacky Woollies clan with them to school can do just that with our fun accessories:
Wacky Woollies School Backpack- this fun and colorful school bag has great functional features including a big front pocket, spaciousness, and adjustable straps for easy carrying.
Wacky Woollies Pencil Case- this sweet PVC pencil case features all of Wacky Woollies' quirky, colorful sheep named for their personalities.
Wacky Woollies Lunch Box- a cheerful and light lunch box that offers a generous size and comes with a sturdy zipper and top handle.

Wacky Woolies Travel Gifts

When it comes to travel for kids, this Wacky Woollies selection at Shamrock Gift has you covered. The Wacky Woollies Travel Pillow is designed in a u-shape that easily wraps around the neck for support and comfort for long road and airplane trips. The Wacky Woollies Kids Water Bottle is great for travel for little ones, as it includes an adjustable strap that allows it to be worn over the shoulder for transport and a pop-up, leak-proof straw. With the available home décor pieces, both adults and kids can decorate their homes with the infectious glee of the Wacky Woollies sheep.

Wacky Woolies Home Accessories

For kids, there are the Wacky Woolies figurines in green and pink that come with covered wooden stick legs, allowing them to stand perfectly on dressers or shelves for a lovely display. The Wacky Woollies Water Globe that features Lucky will make a beautiful addition to any child’s bedroom. For the holidays, the Wacky Woollies Christmas Bauble will add a vibrant dash of color to any Christmas tree.
To add some lighthearted fun to a home bar, you can decorate your counters with the Wacky Woollies Coasters and enjoy Irish whiskey shots using the Wacky Woollies 3-Pack Shot Glass Set!

Full of color, life, and fun, any of the items among our Wacky Woollies Collection here at Shamrock Gift will make great toys, tools, and supplies for any child or any adult who is young at heart. These various items can also be mixed and matched together to create exciting souvenirs or gifts for birthdays and holidays!

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  1. Wacky Woollies Oven Glove and Pot Holder Sale
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  2. Wacky Woollies Kitchen Apron Sale
    Wacky Woollies Kitchen Apron
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  3. Wacky Woollies Round Coin Purse with Zip Sale
    Wacky Woollies Round Coin Purse with Zip
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  4. Wacky Woollies - 6 Colour Pen Sale
    Wacky Woollies - 6 Colour Pen
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  5. Wacky Woollies Smoothie Cup Out of Stock
    Wacky Woollies Smoothie Cup
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  6. Wacky Woollies Wallet Out of Stock
    Wacky Woollies Wallet
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  7. Wacky Woollies Christmas Bauble Sale
    Wacky Woollies Christmas Bauble
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  8. Wacky Woollies - Green Figurine Sale
    Wacky Woollies - Green Figurine
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  9. Wacky Woollies Activity Pack Sale
    Wacky Woollies Activity Pack
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  10. Wacky Woollies Pencil Case Out of Stock
    Wacky Woollies Pencil Case
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  11. Wacky Woollies Lunch Box Sale
    Wacky Woollies Lunch Box
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  12. Wacky Woollies Spoon Rest Sale
    Wacky Woollies Spoon Rest
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  13. Wacky Woollies Tumbler Glass Two Pack Out of Stock
    Wacky Woollies Tumbler Glass Two Pack
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  14. Wacky Woollies - Pencil Sale
    Wacky Woollies - Pencil
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  15. Wacky Woollies Shot Glass Sale
    Wacky Woollies Shot Glass
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  16. Wacky Woolies Soft Toy Green Sale
    Wacky Woolies Soft Toy Green
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  17. Wacky Woollies 4 Pack Erasers Sale
    Wacky Woollies 4 Pack Erasers
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  18. Wacky Woollies - Pink Figurine Sale
    Wacky Woollies - Pink Figurine
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