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Shamrock Mint Tray

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  • This gorgeous shamrock mint tray from Belleek Irish giftware is the perfect addition to any home coffee table or office desk.
  • Made from Parian china (known for its resemblance to white marble), this piece is durable and sturdy, all the while capturing a beautifully delicate look. 
  • Charming, hand-painted shamrocks infuse this piece with personality and keep its authentic Irish nature right in the front and center. 
  • Measuring 24.1 centimeters in length by 7.6 centimeters in width, this mint tray is ideal for displaying on any surface, without risk of overwhelming your space. 
  • Just like all products from the internationally-beloved Belleek Irish giftware range, this piece is entirely handmade by real Irish artisans, allowing it to meet the high quality standards of the Emerald Isle with room to spare!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Are you on the lookout for the perfect Irish accent to add to the decor of your family home? We can confidently say that your search just ended, now that you’ve discovered this stunning classic shamrock mint tray from Belleek! Ideal for placing on a mantle, coffee table, end table, or even kitchen counter, this piece is guaranteed to infuse any space to which it’s added with a heaping helping of traditional Emerald Isle charm. Once you see how beautifully it complements any decorative style or color scheme, you’re sure to want one for every room in the house!

The primary highlight of this piece’s gorgeous composition is the iconic trio of Shamrock Giftware Collection shamrock springs, showcased in stunning detail on both ends of the mint tray’s surface. Every one of these charming little plants is delicately hand-painted for an authentic, detail-oriented touch. The long stem of each spring arrestingly intertwines with the others, creating an undeniably appealing pattern that perfectly highlights the soft green leaves of the shamrocks themselves.

For many hundreds of years, the shamrock has been viewed as an important symbol of the Irish people and nation, its cultural history dating back to the time of the ancient Celts, who considered it to have magical properties. Later, as Christianity arrived on the shores of Ireland, the plant became associated with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who used it in his teachings to help local pagans understand the distinct but connected power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit aspects of God.

Like an exquisite piece from Belleek’s beloved Shamrock Giftware Collection, this tray is made in Ireland and was fashioned from pure Parian china, that glistens in snowy white. Parian china closely resembles marble -- so much so that it actually takes its name from Paros, a Greek island known for its fine-textured marble, often used in sculptures. Its simple, versatile base color allows the mint tray to be seamlessly integrated into any pre-existing display or coffee table arrangement, while also adding a punch of freshness to the overall decorative look: visually, it’s every bit as lovely and clean as the flavor of the mints it was created to hold!

The tray features a broad, open rectangular shape with beveled sides, which give way to delicate, scalloped edges that give its overall design a sense of whimsy and fun. The effect is evocative of old-world class and elegance, and is sure to draw out many a compliment from any and all visitors to your home.

The tray’s gently-angled sides are designed to display an eye-catching geometric embossed pattern, complemented by the look of the base, which features a rectangular block pattern embossment. In terms of dimensions, the piece is 24.1cm in length, 7.6cm in width, and 1.9cm in depth, making it the ideal size for placing on just about any home surface without running the risk of disrupting the pre-existing flow of the space, or taking up too much room.

Just like every beautiful product produced by the team of creative experts at Belleek, this classic shamrock mint tray comes with a free Belleek gift box, making it a fantastic gifting option for any Ireland-loving friend, family member, or work associate in your life. Sleek and classic, the gift box makes the presentation process a breeze for you -- and is sure to drive home the creativity and thoughtfulness of your present of choice! No matter the occasion, this sweet mint tray from Belleek is guaranteed to go down a treat!

Product Features We Adore

Scalloped Edge

A traditional porcelain finishing technique

Hand-Painted Shamrock Detail

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind brush strokes unique to every piece

Wave Wickerwork Motif

Based on classic Irish basket weave patterns

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