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Sheep Rainbow Signpost Resin Magnet Dublin

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  • Sheep Rainbow Dublin Signpost Resin Magnet
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

What’s a better way to keep sweet memories of the Emerald Isle fresh in your mind than with adorable Irish sheep?

With this Sheep Rainbow Dublin Signpost Resin Magnet, you can do just that! This magnet recreates familiar relics of Ireland in a colorful, animated design. At the top is a green and white signpost that reads ‘DUBLIN’ in bold block lettering.

Below the sign stands a cute, innocent-looking black sheep with bright eyes, a warm smile, and fluffy white wool against a sky blue backdrop with a rainbow that descends down to a pot of gold coins next to the sheep. The rainbow and pot of gold are hints of leprechauns, which are naughty creatures in Irish tales that collect gold coins and hide them in pots kept at the ends of rainbows. A

dding even more Irish charm to this magnet is a shamrock that decorates the sheep’s wool, and the bed of shamrock flowers the sheep is standing on in the grass.

Make this cheerful magnet a fun souvenir for a friend! 

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