Sheep Rainbow Signpost Resin Magnet Ireland

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  • Sheep Rainbow Ireland Signpost Resin Magnet
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Ireland is a country full of charm, life, and natural beauty. Keep reminders of this great land near with spirited pieces like this Sheep Rainbow Ireland Signpost Resin Magnet.

Made of resin, this magnet features a black sheep with shamrock-accented white wool warmly smiling as he stands on lively green grass littered with sprightly shamrock flowers. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland, and millions of sheep live on the scenic country sides of the Ireland, so both shamrocks and sheep are cherished symbols of the Emerald Isle.

Next to the sheep is a pot of gold coins below a rainbow, cutely referencing the leprechaun, a mischievous little creature in Irish fairy tales that dresses in a green or red suit and stores gold coins in a pot he hides at the end of a rainbow.

Finishing off the festive look of this magnet is a white and green ‘IRELAND’ post sign behind the sheep.

Make this animated magnet a special souvenir that reminds you to take your next trip to Ireland!

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