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Tara 8x10 Frame

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  • Our Tara Frames are 11” x 13,” and holds a 8” x 10” photograph. This frame will be a subtle yet prominent addition to any room in your home.
  • Each of our special Tara Frames are hand painted by the master artisans at Belleek Pottery, Ireland’s oldest and most popular giftware manufacturer.
  • Our Tara Frames are loaded with symbols of Irish history and culture, including the iconic shamrock and Celtic knot designs.
  • Each frame is 100% Irish made and passes through the hands of more than a dozen artisans before it leaves the workshop. No two frames are alike!
  • Order your frame today and receive free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States! Receive the frame just in time to give as a special gift.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

With design elements inspired by the famous Tara Brooch, from where this collection draws its name, our Tara frame is a refined way to display treasured memories of family, friends, and special times forever. Give this beautiful frame as a wedding gift or anniversary present, or as a birthday gift or graduation gift for that special Irish friend or loved one in your life as a way to show someone how much you care for them.
Our hand painted frame stands at 13” tall and 11” wide, and holds a 8” x 10” photograph perfectly. The asymmetrical Celtic Knot design is bordered by a subtle cable lining the entire frame, and you will instantly notice the beautiful shamrocks resting along two corners of the piece.
The frame itself features Celtic knot detailing at the corners, which are based on the knot pattern on the Tara Brooch, which is believed to have come from the Royal Seat of the High Kings of Ireland. Each of our special Tara frames are lined with delicate hand painted shamrocks that add just the right amount of color to this exquisite piece, giving each frame a unique mark left by a specially trained Belleek Pottery artisan. Woven intricately behind these shamrocks are four rows of Celtic knots, an enduring Irish symbol of eternity and interconnectivity of the universe. Although St. Patrick is largely credited for popularizing the Celtic knot (and the shamrock) as a way to help teach the Celts about the love of the holy trinity, the Celtic knot pre-dates the arrival of Christianity by centuries, and was widely used by ancient Celtic pagans. After his arrival in 431, the knot design began to appear in religious architecture, headstones, illuminated manuscripts, clothing, and more. Today, the Celtic knot remains one of Ireland’s most iconic and instantly recognizable symbols of friendship, love, and family and it continues to serve as a prolific symbol of the Irish spirit.
And much like the Celtic Knot, the shamrock sprig is another quintessential Irish symbol that is believed to have been used by St. Patrick as a metaphor for the holy trinity. With its vivid green color however, the shamrock has also been used to symbolize the rolling emerald hills and lush forests of Ireland. For generations, men have worn shamrocks in their hats or jackets, inspiring a bit of Irish pride wherever they are going.
Since 1857, Belleek Pottery has served as Ireland’s oldest and most renowned producer of giftware and fine china. From its headquarters in the quiet village of Belleek in County Fermanagh, sitting beside the banks of the River Erne, the company’s designers painstakingly produce their wares entirely by hand, changing their methods little over the decades. In all, over a dozen artisans handle each of our beautiful Tara frames, each one adding a little bit of their own unique artistry to the piece before it leaves their workshop and arrives at your door. This is just one of the ways Belleek Pottery remains dedicated to providing unprecedented levels of quality and perfection in each and every item the company produces, which is also one of the reasons we are so thrilled to offer our incredible Tara Frame at such an amazing price. Not only does the frame serve as the perfect way to give someone a unique piece of Irish history and culture that you can only find at ShamrockGift.
Add a bit of your own Irish spirit to any room in your home with our wonderful Tara Frame, or offer it as a gift and let its unparalleled yet subtle beauty express to someone how important they are to you. With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, you’ll receive your Tara Frame just in time to give as a gift or impress your houseguests with a fine new Irish addition to your home. Do not delay in ordering yours today!

Product Features We Adore

Painted by Hand

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind brush strokes unique to every piece

Celtic Knot Pattern

Ancient Irish art motif rendered in fine asymmetric detail

Spiral Edge

Creates a sense of movement around the frame's outer edge

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