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Women's Sweaters

Made in the Aran Islands off the West Coast of Ireland, Aran sweaters are steeped with mythological status. Traditionally the wives of the islanders knitted them to protect their fishermen at sea, but these days anyone can wear them. They are a true Irish Classic, representing Irish heritage. It is believed that each stitch pattern symbolises something- the honeycomb stitch is the symbol of the hardworking bee, the diamond is a wish for success, wealth and treasure, and the cable pattern for safety and good luck. It is said that each family had their own unique pattern so that when a fishermen was lost at sea, he could be identified. All of Shamrock’s sweaters and cardigans are made from 100% Aran wool and are hand-knitted for an authentic look and feel, just like they have been for hundreds of years. We have traditional chunky knit sweaters and other styles and wool clothing available- turtle necks, button up, zip and collared cardigans, longer lengths, hooded jackets, capes,’re sure to find something that suits your individual style so you won’t miss out on the incredible warmth and quality of Aran wool.

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  1. Unisex Hand-Knit Irish Aran Sweater
  2. Women's Merino Wool Roll Neck Sweater
  3. Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater
  4. Traditional Turtleneck Sweater
  5. Women's Cable Knit Sweater
  7. Guinness Crew Neck Adult Knit Sweater
  8. Guinness Official Adult Crew Neck Sweater with Logo and Harp
  9. Ireland Shamrock V-Neck Sweater
  10. Adult Unisex Ireland Green Shamrock Knit Sweater
  11. Raised Shamrock Round Neck Sweater
  12. The Aisling Wool Pullover
  13. Maire Irish Sweater

13 Items

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