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Originally made in the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland, Women’s Irish Sweaters also known as Aran sweaters are steeped in mythological status. Traditionally, the wives of the islanders knitted them to protect their husbands and sons while they went fishing out at sea -- though nowadays, this stylish year-round wardrobe staple is fair game for the ladies, too!

The Aran knit sweater is a true classic, representing the intricate nature of Irish heritage. It is believed that each stitch pattern symbolizes something specific to the Aran islanders: the honeycomb stitch is the symbol of the hardworking bee, and is considered to be a symbol of great luck and prosperity; the diamond is a wish for success, wealth, and treasure that echoes an aerial view of the islands’ beautiful green fields; the cable pattern represents the strong weave of the fishermen's’ ropes, and signifies a wish for safety and good luck in their work; the zig-zag (or half-diamond) stitch is used to evoke the twisting paths of the island cliffs; and the Tree of Life stitch, one of the oldest patterns still in use today, reflects the importance of family, clanship, and expresses the hope for parents that are long-lived and children that are healthy and happy. These Patterns have been applied to many designs and styles of Aran sweaters, modern or classic.

Irish Sweaters Designs

· Fisherman Wool Funnel Neck Sweater is a traditional fisherman sweater that has a raised oversized funnel neck for added warmth and comfort; it also adds a little extra style to the garment. 
· Aran Knit Crew Ladies Sweater is the traditional crew neck Aran Sweater, this was the original design of the Aran Sweater and can be traced back through history books. This sweater is also known as the Original Aran Sweater.  
· Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater this sweater features a ribbed tunic neck style, it follows the same shape as the Original Aran Sweater; no pockets an everyday sweater with a stylish finish. 
· Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater features a Roll Neck that can be pulled all the way up to the chin folded or rolled down to the neckline, it's your sweater, style it any way you like. 
· Ladies Irish V-Neck Wool Sweater this sweater features a classic V-Neck; the V is cut into the pattern on the front of the garment. This sweater gives a classic look that allows the wearer to showcase the layers they are wearing. 
· Ladies Turtleneck Ribbed Knit Sweater this is a modern take on an Aran Sweater. The Vertically ribbed finish is complemented with the Turtleneck and cable patterns making it an exceptional stylish garment. 

Women’s Irish Sweaters Then and Now

It is commonly said that each Aran Island family had its own unique pattern, the better to identify fishermen at sea and mischief-making children in the villages. Of course, to choose an Aran knit sweater pattern for your family to treasure for generations to come, all you need to do is choose your favorite! 

If you’re more haute couture than family fashion-minded, you’ll certainly be interested to know that Aran knit owes much of its Stateside popularity to U.S. Vogue; these sweaters skyrocketed to the upper limits of cool when it was featured in a glamorous fashion spread in the 1950s. Suddenly, Aran sweaters were everywhere to be seen in the United States -- and, as the Clancy Brothers (close personal friends of Bob Dylan) wore their own Aran pieces on the Ed Sullivan Show in the early 1960s, the trend only grew. So, whether you’re aiming to evoke the look of the New York Village folk scene or the peaceful shores of old Ireland, the Aran knit sweater is a throwback piece you don’t want to be without!

All of Shamrock Gift’s sweaters are made from 100% Aran wool, which promises warmth, durability, and a soft, gentle touch that will prevent irritation in even the most sensitive of skin types. Every one of these pieces is also hand-knitted, as has always been the tradition with Aran knit clothing. This gives them a deeply authentic look and feel, and is sure to make the wearer the envy of all their friends and family.

Select from a wide range of traditional chunky knit sweaters, as well as many other styles, including smart turtle necks, practical buttoned and zip-up cardigans, collared pieces, longer lengths, hooded jackets, capes, and coats. Pair these eye-catching pieces with a black skirt and chunky boots for a trendy yet effortless look, or keep it casual in your favorite jeans and sneakers. Whether you’re taking it easy at home, hustling in the workplace, or taking the hiking trail by storm, the Aran jumper is a convenient and appropriate choice that’s bursting at the seams (though never literally!) with personality.

Pursue our selection of Aran knit sweaters and you’ll be guaranteed to find something that suits your individual style. No matter what your taste, it simply won’t do to miss out on the incredible warmth and quality of real Irish Aran wool!

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