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Belleek Classic Saint Patrick's Cross Ornament

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  • Each cross stands approximately 4.75” tall and 3.5” wide and includes a green hanging cord so you can easily hang it anywhere in your house.
  • Our Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornament is made entirely by hand by over a dozen artisans at Belleek Pottery in County Fermanagh.
  • Our Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornament is a very popular item so we encourage you to order yours before we run out and have to restock.
  • This wonderfully made cross item offers you a chance to own a unique piece of handmade art created in Ireland for a very reasonable price.
  • Receive free 3-day shipping with the order of your Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornament just in time to give as a gift.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Our St. Patrick Cross ornament from Belleek Pottery combines a traditional Celtic cross with embossed detailing that references ancient Irish brooches, of the very same kind St. Patrick would have worn. The shamrock detailing is hand-painted and the clover is one of Ireland’s most iconic and best-known images and has long been connected to St. Patrick. Our Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornament stands approximately 3.5” wide and 4.75” tall and includes a green hanging cord making it easy to choose a spot in your home for this beautiful piece. The soft natural color with light green accents makes this piece easy to place in any room in your house, as it will look good virtually anywhere you choose to keep it. Your guests will be so impressed with the hand-embossed ancient Irish symbols lined up and down the piece, and they will be equally impressed that the item is handmade in its entirety, and is even painted by hand. If you look closely, you’ll see the individual artist’s initials who helped create your cross, giving this item a special connection between yourself and the hands that made it.
Representing good fortune and the green of Ireland’s natural landscape, they have been closely associated with the country for hundreds of years. St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach the pre-Christian Celts about the holy trinity when converting them to Catholicism -- three leaves connected to a single stem. Since then, the shamrock has become one of the country’s most instantly recognizable symbols and is cherished as an enduring icon of the Irish spirit.
Belleek Pottery was founded in 1849 and quickly became a favorite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as well as other members of Irish and British nobility. Known for their exquisite designs and Parian porcelain products, Belleek Pottery is Ireland’s oldest fine china pottery and has long stood as its most treasured. In addition to its popularity among the country’s elite, the popularity of Belleek Pottery’s products spread quickly around the world, and it wasn’t long before the company was exporting items internationally. Since its establishment, the company has kept its headquarters in the village of Belleek in County Fermanagh, where it is situated along the banks of the River Erne. This spot was chosen for easy access to clay harvested along the river’s edge. The artisans employed there have remained consistent in their methods of manufacture and design for generations. Their proud traditions are carried on to this day and over a dozen artisans in the company’s workshop add their own special touch to every piece created, including our St. Patrick’s Cross Ornaments. No two crosses are alike so when you purchase your Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornament you are bringing into your home a very special, unique item made in Ireland that bears a significant amount of the country’s history and culture.
As with many of the items in our Belleek Pottery collection, these Belleek Classic Saint Patrick’s Cross Ornaments sell fast, so we strongly encourage you to order yours today before we have to restock. With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, there is no reason not to place your order today and have this item shipped right to your door. Or, receive it just in time to give to a special friend or family member who appreciates the spiritual history of Ireland or may have some Irish blood themselves. No matter who you purchase this item for, we are confident they’ll fall in love with the item from the first moment they lift it from the box and give it a new home.

Product Features We Adore

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

Hand-Painted Shamrock

Every clover is different and each brush stroke is unique

Hand-Embossed Detailing

Ancient Irish symbols rendered by master craftsmen

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