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Irish Wild Burren Thyme and Chamomile Candle


■ This Irish-scented candle is made of 100% natural soy wax, a safe,clean, and eco-friendly choice.
■ The candle contains relaxing fragrances of Chamomile and Wild Burren Thyme for a calming ambiance.
■ Our candle has a total burn time of 40 hours and a cotton wick for enjoying the fragrance for an extended period of time.
■ Packaged beautifully in an Irish Botanicals signature box, the aromatic candle makes a thoughtful Irish gift for various occasions.

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Our Irish Botanicals Scented Candle is made of 100% natural wax and has a total burn time of 40 hours.

The fragrance of our candle is ideal for relaxed evenings after rush days. A fragrance combining Chamomile and Wild Burren Thyme is soothing and helps the body loosen all the tension accumulated through the day.

The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and cruelty free. It was made by Irish Botanicals, in Ireland.
The candle comes in a glass jar, with a cotton wick. . Everything is packed in a lovely box, decorated with a floral design.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation, accompanied by a beautiful aromatic candle.