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Irish Wild Burren Thyme and Chamomile Handmade Perfume


■ Perfume handmade in Ireland, by Irish Botanicals 
■ Fresh and zesty fragrance, with wild burren thyme and chamomile 
■ 30 ml bottle that can be easily carried anywhere 



A fresh and zesty fragrance is perfect for the warm season, so grab our Handmade Irish Eau de Parfum for Women and be ready to show off.

What truly makes our perfume special is its manufacturing process - the formula is handmade right in the heart of Ireland, by Irish Botanicals.

The perfume is made with extracts of wild burren thyme and chamomile. Its smell resembles a flower field in the early morning during spring. The fragrance has just a hint of lemon zest. Besides its charming scent, the smell of this combination will help you relax, due to the calming properties of the chamomile.

We know how busy life can get and how sometimes you need to rush out the door. That’s why our perfume comes in a 30ml bottle, which can be carried anywhere, in your purse or stored in your car so you can easily freshen up at any point during the day.