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Set Descending Direction’s selection of official Guinness merchandise from our Guinness Store is here to please, and we carry a great selection of all Guinness products, from bottle openers to knit hats to packs of official Guinness pint glasses.

Official Guinness Merchandise

Guinness has over 250 years of heritage and their legacy of quality and authenticity is reflected in all of the items they produce. Black is also a very flattering color and in many ways, Guinness owns the black with a dash of white, combo. Whether you like the drink or not, Guinness clothing looks rather good on anyone, we think. It has an understated sophistication to it. stock a full line of Official Guinness Merchandise to choose from. Guinness Glasses, Hoodies, Tees, Bottle Openers and much more. Whether you are searching for a stylish addition to your wardrobe, a quirky present for a friend, or you are looking to extend your Guinness memorabilia obsession – this is the place to be. We carry the largest line of Guinness products in the US so you will never want for choice.

Official Guinness Glassware

We offer hundreds of items to browse at unbeatable prices, including a line of Guinness glassware that covers the entire history of the brand and drinking vessels. We have ceramic and glass tankards, a classic dimpled pint glass, once de rigueur in British and Irish pubs, and contemporary tulip pint glass that is designed especially for Guinness and allows the perfect head of white cream to foam on the top of every pint.

Official Guinness T-Shirts

It is not surprising when you check out their Tees and jerseys that combine humor with a seriously slick design. Then there are rugby shirts which are perfect for anyone into rugby but are undecided on a side. They also have a nicely tailored fit that makes them a fashion item of choice. Check them out:

Guinness Ladies T-Shirt with Butterfly & Extra Foreign Stout Print - this charming round neck shirt features the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout which was launched little by little and comes with colored butterflies and flowers- exquisite and iconic.

Guinness Tall Dark and Have Some Tea- this t-shirt is made from 100% premium cotton and features a playful saying "Tall, dark & have some Guinness”.

Guinness Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt- this short sleeve Guinness tee is just perfect for women who love to look sharp during workouts .

Guinness Rugby Shirt- this stylish rugby shirt is complemented with Guinness harp rendering along with the Guinness signature logo and Arthur Guinness signature.

Shop Guinness Clothing Online

Our line of Guinness clothing and clothing accessories has everything from rugby jackets to formal sweaters and cheeky costume ware like a massive cloth top hat shaped like a Guinness pint. You can show off your love of Ireland and the black stuff with a subtle pair of Guinness socks, or wear the trademark Guinness harp logo on a cool graphic t-shirt. Whatever your style, there’s something for any lover of Ireland or Guinness to be found here.

Guinness Bar Accessories

For the home bar, we offer both wall-mounted and hand-operated bottle openers, as well as troughs to catch the bottle caps when they fall. A Guinness bar mat is the perfect addition to any home bar that is used to entertain. Store your wet glasses and prep tools on it for easy cleanup and access whenever you need to make another round.

Guinness is arguably Ireland’s most recognizable brand across the world. Their headquarters are still in Dublin, at the same St. James’s Gate location that Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on in 1759 when he founded the brewery. But today, Guinness has breweries all over the world, and it is one of the best-loved beers, particularly in West Africa and the Caribbean, showing that Irish taste and flavor are universal. Intriguingly, Guinness didn’t even advertise its beer for the first several decades of its existence, instead of relying on word of mouth to promote their dark beer. It’s more than a little bit ironic then that the ubiquity of Guinness ads and logos has become in some ways a stand-in for Ireland as a whole.

What self-respecting Irish bar wouldn’t have a Guinness sign out front? Give the gift of Guinness today and browse our massive selection of official Guinness merchandise now.

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