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10K Gold Celtic Small Cross Pendant


■ 10K Yellow Gold: This Celtic Cross is made of 10-carat yellow gold that beams with a natural glow.
■ Celtic Cross: The Celtic Cross is an eye-catching variation of crosses, as it features 4 broad limbs and a halo at the center that signifies wholeness.
■ Celtic Knots: An ever-present part of Celtic life, Celtic knots were recognized by their elaborate, infinite loops, which Celts used to express the lasting love they had for loved ones.
■ Dimensions and Packaging: This pendant has dimensions of 3/4” H x 3/8" W. It comes with an 18” 10K yellow gold chain and comes packaged in a gift-friendly box.


Keep your Irish heritage and faith near to your heart with this 10K Gold Celtic Small Cross Pendant. This piece boasts an ornate, radiant rendition of a traditional Celtic Cross with its halo that symbolizes wholeness, or unity. Decorating the 4 flared limbs of the cross are mesmerizing Celtic Knot braidlike patterns that symbolize the eternal love shared between family and friends.

Throughout the history of the Celtic Cross, many believed its four limbs stood for the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, while others believed the cross was an evolution of the Sun Cross that was originally a wheel with four spokes. In later years, the cross was adopted by Christianity.
This pendant comes with an 18-inch 10K yellow gold chain and is packaged in a gift-ready box. It measures 3/4” H x 3/8" W. Make this pendant a beautiful gift for a family member or a friend!