Small 10K Gold Double Sided Celtic Cross Pendant


■ 10K Gold and Double-Sided: This Celtic Cross is crafted from lovely 10 carat yellow gold that boasts a natural shine. The pendant is double-sided, so it shows off the Celtic Cross on either side.
■ Celtic Cross and Trinity Knots: The Celtic Cross is a standout among many traditional crosses, as it is recognized by its 4 flared limbs and a halo that represents unity. Trinity Knots were used by Celts to symbolize the number 3 in nature.
■ Dimensions and Weight: This Celtic Cross pendant has dimensions of 21 mm (0.83”) H x 14 mm (0.55”) W and weighs 2.05 g.
■ Packaging: The pendant comes with an 18” 10K yellow gold chain and is packaged in a box that is great for giving as a gift.


For a timeless and versatile piece of jewelry that lets you share your religion and culture with others, accessorize your daily look with this Small 10K Gold Double Sided Celtic Cross Pendant! This pendant is made of quality 10 carat yellow gold that will upgrade any style. The pendant shows off the beauty of the Celtic Cross, complete with the traditional four flared limbs and halo that symbolizes wholeness.

Adding texture and dimension to the cross is a raised Trinity Knot on each of the four limbs. The Celtic Cross came to be heavily associated with Christianity in modern times, but it is thought to be an evolution of the Sun Cross, which was used to honor Taranis, the god of thunder in Gaelic culture. The halo was believed to originally be Taranis’ wheel and the cross itself his thunderbolt. Trinity Knots are well known symbols of Celtic history whose three points stood for three-part connections like those of faith, hope, and love or mind, body, and spirit.

This pendant comes with an 18-inch 10K yellow gold chain and is packaged in a gift-friendly box. It measures 21 mm (0.83”) H x 14 mm (0.55”) W and weighs 2.05 g. Because it is double sided, its lovely design can be seen no matter how you turn it! Make this piece a gift for family or a friend!