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We are truly proud of the diversity and range of our Irish gifts collection that is full of Irish charm. No matter the occasion you’re buying for, we’ve got you covered: anniversary, baby shower, christening, communion, engagement, St. Patrick’s Day, birthday, and of course Christmas! Peruse at your leisure our extensive assortment of quality wares from the Emerald Isle.

Irish Claddagh gifts

Among the vast, eclectic mix of Irish gift items are stunning drinking flutes, wedding cupsjewelry necklaces, and more that feature the majestic Claddagh emblem. The Claddagh is adored for its creative illustration of love, loyalty, and friendship, but behind it is a legend that is just as heartwarming as its meaning. It is claimed that an Irishman named Richard Joyce sought work in the West Indies, leaving his beloved behind Galway, Ireland. He was tragically kidnapped while en route to the Caribbean, where he was enslaved for years. When he was finally released, he found that his lover was still faithfully waiting for him in Ireland. Since he was trained in craftsmanship while in bondage, he was able to craft the first Claddagh ring as a tribute to his devoted love. Still incorporated into Irish wedding rings today, the Claddagh features two hands uniting in friendship to grasp a heart representing love; this heart is adorned with a crown symbolizing loyalty. Celts are remembered in history for their exquisite artwork and cultural traditions, and the beautiful dinnerware items like cake servers and jewelry pieces like necklaces and earrings wonderfully display the beauty of Celtic art.

Celtic Crosses

These Irish gift items finely replicate a variety of Celtic Knots and braid patterns. Celtic Knot patterns were everyday parts of Celtic life that served as decorative and symbolic reminders of the eternal love that couples, families, and friends had for each other. The interlocking loops of these patterns neither began nor ended to signify the never-ending bond of this shared love. Crosses were also special symbols in Celtic life, particularly the Celtic Cross and Brigid’s Cross, which are also recreated in lovely jewelry pieces in the Ireland Gifts selection of items. The Celtic Cross came to be heavily associated with Christianity in modern times, but it is believed to be an evolution of the Sun Cross, which was used to honor Taranis, the god of thunder in Gaelic culture. The halo of the cross was believed to originally be a wheel and the cross itself a thunderbolt, which were the two objects Taranis would hold in his hands in ancient illustrations. Ancient Celts also used the cross’s four limbs to signify Divine, self, wisdom, and nature, the four arms of deeper spiritual knowledge, with the halo representing wholeness. One especially interesting story in Irish history is that of Brigid’s Cross. Brigid was the Celtic life-giving goddess associated with fire. When Christianity was introduced to Ireland, this goddess became one of Ireland’s patron saints, Saint Brigid of Kildare. Born in the 5th century, Saint Brigid was celebrated for founding a monastery and convent that helped spread the gospel about Christ. She was also honored for weaving a cross that helped her teach a man on his deathbed about Christianity. Many Irish recognize St. Brigid’s Day every year on February 1st, and they hang her rectangular cross that is traditionally crafted from straw over kitchen doors and rafters to provide protection against evil forces and fires.

Irish homeware gifts

For those who appreciate elegant décor, there is a fabulous assortment of pieces such as Irish picture frames and dining ware items that will bring sophisticated style to your home. Many of these picture frames, jewelry boxes, and drinking tankards are made of top-quality pewter. Pewter is a durable and versatile tin alloy that has been used for thousands of years to craft jewelry, utensils, and other everyday objects. Pewter is tarnish-resistant, so it is able to maintain its brilliant shine and appearance for ages.

With this selection of Irish Gift items, you can celebrate the beauty of Irish culture not only in your home but also with dear family and friends all year round on any occasion!