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Irish Celtic Design Whiskey Flask

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  • Own a special piece of Irish culture and heritage with this unique, hand-crafted item that will become a cherished keepsake for years to come.
  • Mullingar Pewter has single-handedly revived the fine pewter industry, and has become synonymous with unbeatable quality.
  • Our special pewter flasks will never lose their beautiful sheen and are as rigid in their construction as they are beautiful.
  • Featuring a subtle, yet very classy Celtic knot design engraved into the corner, there is no mistaking this piece as an Irish treasure.
  • Don’t forget! All orders receive free three-day shipping anywhere in the US! Order your flask now for the whiskey lover in your life!


Manufacturer: Mullingar Pewter

Enjoy your favorite whiskey poured from this beautiful compact, 4-ounce flask made in Ireland by the master craftspeople at Mullingar Pewter. Each flask is made from the finest, purest sources of pewter found in Ireland, and are hand-crafted in the familiar curved shape and heavy secure cap of the Irish hip flask. The moment your hand grips this flask, its quality is immediately apparent, as well as its connection to the Emerald Isle. Hand-engraved with a lovely corner Celtic Knot accent, this distinguished flask is guaranteed to be lead-free and makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys a quick draught on-the-go. This is a true gentleman’s (or lady’s) accessory for those with a deep appreciate for unprecedented quality, Irish history, and a love for fine whiskey (or whatever your favorite drink might be!). Although many flasks today are mass-produced from stainless steel, our flasks from Mullingar remain rooted in older traditions of craftsmanship, making them all the more special. Not only will your flask outclass those of your friends in terms of its construction, it is also visually striking, featuring a subtle curving Celtic knot design lingering in the bottom left corner of the flask’s front side. In the days before 24-hour liquor stores, the flask was a status symbol among travelers, soldiers, and gentlemen and women who could carry their liquor in a world where it wasn’t so easily accessible. Today, the flask remains a highly popular item due to its timeless utility, as well as the mystique and classiness it has maintained throughout the decades. Pewter is a metal alloy made of tin, copper, and antimony and is popular for its natural beauty, versatility and tarnish-resistance. For almost a thousand years, the Irish have used pewter to produce tankards, plates, candlesticks, eating utensils, and eventually, coveted hip flasks. Throughout the centuries, pewter items were mostly accessible to the wealthiest members of society, due to the manufacturing process of pewter, the effort to create things from it, and because of its lustrous sheen that never seemed to fade. Thanks to companies such as Mullingar, the use of pewter has seen a revival and sparked a new interest in recreating those special items from Ireland’s past. We are very excited to offer this special flask from Mullingar and we are sure you will love carrying one around with you as well. Even better, this flask is an easy gift for the Irish person in your life and is a great item to give for numerous occasions. These flasks remain one of ShamrockGift’s most popular drinking-related accessories, so do not delay in ordering yours today. All orders receive free three-day shipping anywhere in the U.S., so order yours now and get it in time to give as the perfect wedding, retirement, birthday, or special gift to the Irish whiskey drinker in your life. 

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