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Italian Olive Wood Celtic Cross Pendant

Was: $34.45
Now: $24.90

■ Crafted from Italian olive wood, known for its durability and resistance, revered for its natural beauty and unique patterns, making each pendant distinct 
■ The pendant features an intricately carved Celtic cross, a symbol deeply rooted in Celtic culture that is commonly found throughout Ireland, marking the presence of a holy place
■ Our cross pendant measures 1.75″ by 1″ and comes with a 28″ adjustable cord, allowing you to personalize the length according to their liking
■ The pendant is presented in a beautiful gift box, making it a meaningful present for individuals who cherish their faith and appreciate quality craftsmanship


Our Italian Olive Wood Celtic Cross Pendant is a timeless piece that encapsulates faith, Irish tradition, and quality craftsmanship. Crafted from 100% Italian olive wood, renowned for its durability and resistance, this pendant boasts elegance. The natural beauty and unique patterns of olive wood enhances its beautiful visual appeal, ensuring that each pendant is distinctive.
The pendant is carved out in the shape of a High Celtic Cross, a symbol deeply rooted in Celtic culture and Irish Christianity. The cross is a common symbol that can be found throughout the Emerald Isle, as it marks the presence of a holy place – a traditional symbol of faith that brings people together.
Measuring 1.75"" by 1″, this cross pendant strikes a harmonious balance between statement and subtlety, and can be worn as a cherished symbol of faith and heritage, a fashion accessory, or a source of inspiration and meaning. It comes accompanied by a 28″ adjustable cord, so you can adjust it to your liking and wear it right away.
Made by Robert Emmet Company, this Celtic pendant boasts Irish craftsmanship and authenticity. Coming beautifully presented in a gift box, our pendant makes a meaningful gift for individuals who hold their faith dear.