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Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Claddagh

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  • Stainless Steel & Pewter Pocket Watch
  • Claddagh Design
  • 14” Chain Included
  • Mullingar Pewter Collection
  • Made in Ireland


Manufacturer: Mullingar Pewter

Classic vintage style and a spirit of love, loyalty, and friendship come together beautifully in this Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Pocket Watch.

Made of pewter and stainless steel, this piece is strong, durable, corrosion-resistant, and tarnish-resistant, so it will last through daily travel and maintain its pristine shine over the years as it is passed down as an heirloom.

This timepiece boasts a traditional pocket watch design that was popular back in the 1900s and earlier, giving it a charming antique vibe.

On the front is a decorative emblem of the Irish Claddagh. The Claddagh is named after the village it originated from in Galway, Ireland over four centuries ago.

It’s a symbol that has been universally embraced, as it features two hands representing friendship reaching towards each other to hold a heart symbolizing love.

On top of the heart is a crown that stands for the loyalty between loving friends.

This quartz movement timepiece comes with a 14-inch chain and is packaged in a gift box, making it the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves meaningful pieces.

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