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Extensive Irish Sportswear Collection

No matter what kind of ladies sportswear you’re on the hunt for, you can rest assured that’s massive catalog of premium Irish performance gear has got everything you could ask for on hand. Like all of the clothing available for purchase here on, these activity-friendly pieces are made using only the highest-quality materials and finished one by one with a loving designer’s touch! Whatever your style preferences or needs, we’ve got the brand, size, and color for you.

Women’s Irish Rugby Shirts

For the rugby-lover in your life -- even if, or especially if, it’s you! -- consider giving the gift of a sassy short-sleeved ladies polo shirt from Lansdowne, an authentically Irish sports gear company internationally known for the top-notch quality of its products. The highlights of these very popular shirts include their fitted, flattering cut and soft cotton feel, which is kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. Every piece of ladies Irish rugby gear from Lansdowne is marked by the Irish rugby team’s official crest, embroidered with an expert hand on the left-hand side. Made up of three shamrocks, this emblem signifies Irish pride and power -- a must-have pair of values for every sportswoman with a place in her heart for the Emerald Isle!

Long Sleeve Irish Rugby Shirts

For something a little more suited to game time in the colder months, we also have a large range of ladies long-sleeved rugby shirts, identical to their short-sleeved sisters in the attractive shape and soft but durable fabric. With well-stitched sleeves that end in a neat cuff at the wrist, these garments are the ideal choice for dauntless girls who are dedicated to their sport, whether that means training in rain, snow, or hail!

Ladies Guinness T-Shirts and Hoodies

Also making up a large portion of our Ladies' sportswear selection is our line of official Guinness merchandise. Boasting everything from neat ringer tees to cozy hoodies, this range of garments is perfect for the woman who’s determined to broadcast her love for the Black Stuff, even if she still has a few more hours of track or treadmill to go before she hits the pub. All of our official Guinness garments are identified by way of the internationally-recognized Guinness Brewing Company emblem, at the heart of which lies the likeness of a traditional Celtic harp. This particular harp is known as the Harp of Brian Boru, one of the oldest high kings of ancient Ireland, and its real-life version resides today in a viewing room at Trinity College, Dublin. In the mid-1800s, the Guinness brand adopted this classically-Irish instrument as their own personal logo. Ever since it has been as much associated with this beloved brand of Irish stout as the country itself!

Here at, we understand than when a woman seeks out new activewear, she wants quality craftsmanship as much as a great look; something that, in essence, will make her feel as fantastic as she looks, no matter how tough the game or how long the workout. That’s why we’re happy to guarantee that every garment in our ladies' sports clothing catalog has been chosen for its hard-wearing nature as well as its fashion-forward appearance. At, you really can have the best of both worlds!

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