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Woven Irish Crios Throw

Out of stock
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  • The fringe trim, creatively and lively brought out, a beautiful design that makes the throw stand out and brighten up your home
  • The scarf is another genius of the Carraig Donn collection, a household name in the production of unique and authentic products
  • 100% woven wool which gives the throw a soft, smooth touch and a beautifully unique and authentic texture and feels to the lovely throw
  • The inclusion of the Crios style on the border accents provides the throw with a deep traditional Irish connection and original look
  • Classic patterns and traditional colors give our stunning throw durability as well as class and make it great for a variety of home decors


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Blankets are an essential part of interior home décor, transforming an otherwise cold, and common space to an exciting, warm and charming living area. Embrace the winter season by brightening up your home, adding pomp and color with friendly and classy items, with a throw not missing on your wish list. A homes interior deco tells a lot about someone's personality. To have a complete, lively, and creatively designed home takes a lot into play. Relishing the idea of a beautiful home, many people go the extra mile to plan and add color to their home carefully. Our beautiful Woven Irish Crios Throw is the ultimate choice to spice up things up in your home during the biting cold of the winter season.
Our cozy blanket creates ambiance, warmth, and adds life to any room in the home. The throw is a product of the leading and renown garment manufacturing firm in Ireland, Carraig Donn. The firm, distinction the world over, combines a mixture of classy, trendy design with intricate and unique traditional Irish patterns in their products. Carraig Donn has endeared itself to the Irish people by paying homage to the Irish roots from the beautiful and original conventional Irish designs.
Our beautiful Woven Irish Crios Throw comes from a 100% premium Irish wool that is smooth and cozy. The wool texture is soft to touch, giving the throw a smooth feel in touch. The merino wool is durable, reliable, and its texture gives it the ability for a different mix of colors to be added during the production of garments.
The design, texture, and style of the throw is the correct definition of perfection. Our marvelous throw embraces the Crios style in every detail. The Crios style finds its source in the Crios belt, an ancient Irish belt that was handwoven with different distinct colors of wool, with deep Irish culture. The Irish origins give the Crios throw an original, authentic and unique taste. The use of the traditional Irish patterns endears the fantastic Woven Irish Crios Throw too many Irish people, making it a sell-out in Ireland and across Europe.
Give your home an elegant and authentic Irish flair with our gorgeous lamb’s wool Woven Irish Crios Throw. The beautiful throw can also perfectly serve as a beautiful, thoughtful gift to your friend or family, whatever the occasion. 

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